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Forum Restructure

Started by Kiki, October 18, 2014, 02:50:37 PM

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Ringtail, that's a good point, but most forums have an area set aside for that kind of stuff, as we do now- The Armchair's Lounge. So it might be a good thing, IDK.

Frater T: That's pretty good logic lol. There was a suggestion by Patrick on the facebook page that instead of calling it the DKMU Vault we could use Zalty's Box. I like the sound of it, but if we move the Godforms board there then I don't think that would work.

Are there any other thoughts?

Tara Flower

Would it be possible to have a 'new content' page like so many of the other forums do? Instead of  the 'view the latest posts on the forum' option there  would be a whole page listing the most recent topics in time order. Don't worry if it would be too much work, but when forums have a page like that  everyone goes straight to it and looks at it first.


I can look into it, I added it to my list.


Why is the LS not in the banner of this website? I can't help but feel that you are all failing at reaching a audience into which it would spread further into. Something to consider.


Good point Jay, I'll get to it as soon as I can figure out how to use all my admin options. Been a long time and a lot of lost brain cells since I've been on here. Also thanks for all the posting lately.



Oh, you're an admin! Perfect. I was afraid it was only Cho. Hope his taking down the forum had something to do with anti-spam measures because it was pretty lit a few days ago.


if you see any spam you can let me know in irc or message me here. I am trying to get all the spam off as I see it.

Three admins, Chove, Sheo, and I.

Two global moderators Ahavha and Moon1ight. any one of us are usually on during a 24 hour period.


I second having the LS somewhere visible on the forum, and maybe on the main page too. We lost a good blast opportunity when the meat curse video happened, and it irked me that they never showed it.

You have no idea how many Jesuses I are.


I think I'm still an admin too...? Maybe. If someone else is currently more active, I'd be happy to send ya a typed up copy of the assload of notes I have floating around to-do for here. Just let me know, easiest way to get ahold of me if you don't have my digits is to message my fb page