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DKMU Current Projects

Started by Alysyrose, November 09, 2014, 06:25:03 AM

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[Edit by Moon1ight in 2018 – This is heavily outdated, Liber LS, for example, is finished :)]

There are plenty of aspiring writers, artists and musicians around these parts. Those who were part of the old DBL forums will be familiar with such a project list, and the proliferation of original material as the grassroots media front in the Assault on Reality. Here's whats being worked on right now by members and associates. The progress status of these projects will be updated regularly. Many things might take priority over these creations at times, so expect them to go at their own pace. Mods & Admins: please feel free to update this.

DKMU 2015

- Liber LS (Free PDF/Softcover/Hardcover Book)
(85% DONE)

Description: A compilation of articles & artwork relating to the LS, DKMU, and Magick.

Project Heads: Alysyrose & Arjil (Contact: ...)

- The DKMU Unofficial Grimoire (PDF/Possible Softcover Book)
*Title Subject to Change(?)

Description: A collection of writings and art submissions from various members and associates.

Project Head: Mad Queen (Contact: ...)

- Liber Sigillum 2nd Edition (Softcover/Hardcover Book)

Description: The second edition of Liber Sigillum, a primer and exploration on various aspects of the occult, the DKMU, and the A.A.O. schema.

Project Head: Frater E.S. (Contact: ...)

- Thee DKMU Bible (PDF/Softcover/Hardcover Book)

Description: A compendium of previous DKMU texts, and some new ones, in a single volume.

- Becoming a Double-Crowley (Softcover/Hardcover Book)

Description: An occult comedy, alternate reality and parody work told by an ego-maniacal character.

- The DKMU Tarot (Card Set)

Description: A fully illustrated tarot deck for use by DKMU members and Model 5/6 practitioners.

- Nok's Door (Tabletop RPG) *BETA

Description: A unique "hypersigil" RPG system related to the idea of "Wizard's Game," an RPG that would require the players to use occult techniques and cause "real life to mirror events in the game."

Project Head: Xeo Aries (Contact: ...)


BLUE - 0-20% Complete
YELLOW - 30-50% Complete
ORANGE - 60-90% Complete
RED - 100% Complete
PURPLE - On hold until further notice


Who's the project head for the Double-Crowley project?
"Wind, fire, that kind of thing..."


I think either Alysyrose or Branch is.