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Creating a debt eating servitor

Started by King_Dracula, November 08, 2014, 03:00:42 PM

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 Hello, this is my first post on the forum, however I contribute a lot of nonsense in the FB group.

I am skeptical of posting my real name on the forums because... its the internet.

However, my idea is based on the the OWS Rolling Jubilee debt strike project. I was thinking of creating a sigil and using its name to register a non profit. Said sigil could be the name of the servitor, servitor would be one that does something along the lines of feeds of greedy debt collectors and its by product from feasting would be contributing prosperity to those that the debt collectors have been persecuting.

I was thinking that the non profit could purchase as much debt(student/medical) as possible on the Vernal and Autumnal equinox, adding a little bit of myth and mystery to the beast. That way, we could use crowd sourcing as well as other means to gather as much money as possible to help feed this astral nasty before these dates arrive.

Now, I suppose I could just help out with OWS Rolling Jubilee but I think the magick would add a decent kick to the project and may be something the whole occult underground may help support.

I am not attached to any of this and welcome any input or improvements.


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I think the FB group ate up all of your replies.  It's best to post here first and then to post the link to the forum on the FB group so that replies can concentrate here.
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We have a couple of money related servitors already- such as Johnny Midas and the Prosperity Web servitor. I'm not sure you really need another one when you could just petition for debt to be defeated. If you're looking for stuff that is related to money magick, there are a lot of books. a ton of facebook groups, and as always, google. .