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William Lindberg

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« on: November 13, 2014, 04:36:38 pm »
Hey, I just joined up.  I've been interested in the occult for years now, have read many books, studied cross-comparative mythology/religion, various consciousness-altering techniques, yadda yadda... I've also read a few books on Chaos magick.  Anywhoses, I was wondering who here is in the Macon, GA area?  I noticed at the Washington Park the symbol and a little pamphlet posted to a wooden pole there and saw the website url.  I thought, "wow, this is interesting"; you don't often see weird enigmatic subversive tactics like that in Middle GA, which is a land of conformity and very limited spiritual ideals (protestant Christianity being 99.99% of what you'll find here).  So anyways--which one of you's responsible for putting up that sign? I'd be interested in hanging out.  Chances are, considering how few open-minded people there are in the area, we probably already know eachother.


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You should try on the facebook group! But hey, hello, welcome! Sounds like you will fit in well. (: