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Author Topic: bananas ate the sun so i'm an aardvark  (Read 1744 times)


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bananas ate the sun so i'm an aardvark
« on: April 22, 2013, 10:15:35 am »

Greetings, i'm not quite sure what i am. regarding my name i've used the name Aetherclaw for i think over a decade, it just came to me and no one else seemed to have had even thought of it at the time. i've been experimenting with active use of magic for about 4 or 5 years though i've always been aware of spirits my entire life, and around the age of 6 i inadvertently learned to draw energy out of things, what might be considered a form of controlled psychic vampirism though most of the time i preferred to only feed off of plants and free flowing energies that no one seems to actually be using, in fact i leaned to do this inadvertently while running a psychic experiments to try to communicate with plants. i tried feeding off of electronic machines once and it made me physically ill as i found that though they had alot of energy it was too much and in too crude a form for me at the time. the glamor of the vampire in pop culture such as that of Ann Rice and Bram Stoker can be a useful glamor though i know full well that it is total bullshit, but a useful image to hint at none the less.

i have also been raised by people who are artists by trade and trained as one for much of my life, though i think most of my work is just bullshitting it i have found that bullshit sells.
i came across discordian philosophy in highschool and it made sense to me, as does surrealism and dadaism, and yes i know the difference, before that i revered cats though i still consider cats as family.

at times i have attempted to write surrealist stream of consciousness poetry only to find it had 7 layers of hidden meaning i wasn't even aware of which then became prophetic, not all of which i was entirely happy about but it was interesting to observe.

i have been aware of the DKMU for maybe alittle over a year and have found much of your work quite interesting though i didn't decide to join until i met one of the early members in real life, though i'm not sure if they are still here or not.

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