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Author Topic: Sigils - Trade Marks - Unconscious - Energy - Skeptic moving towards Knowledge  (Read 2413 times)

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okay, and so I have been thinking about it, and you know, some people are like charge my "sigil" - um, idk... seems like if masturbation/sexual energy was to "charge" a sigil then porn stars should be like GODS and maybe they are, idk, i don't think so... HEAR me out! -- but rather, for me and what I do with sigils is IMPLANT a suggestion - an intention into my unconscious -- for me magick is psychick in the sense of psychological-emotive-imaginary and delves into states of awareness -- this is not to discount energy but rather it is to bring this so-called energy into question and also to be a bit clear on what the fuck we are doing, as such, we use sigil, again to alter our mental program, energy has nothing or need have nothing to do with this, and we can take this from our personal unconscious to the material world outside our selves, that is the world we are embedded in - our environs and also effect the world with our suggestion which is what relates the Trade Mark to the Sigil... we are interest in developing these notions more clearly - perhaps you are to?
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energy has nothing or need have nothing to do with this

To be brutally honest with you, I concur.  I don't think schemas of explanations are needed for magic.  It's just something that you DO. I like Crowley's "when you do certain things, certain results follow" but better still, I like the more modern, "direct application of will to reality."  People get lost in their explanations of magic, in metaphysics and cosmologies and mental topologies.  It's important to keep our heads above water, methinks.
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