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Started by Kiki, November 29, 2014, 12:07:11 PM

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Branch said it awesomely already, so I'm just gonna copy/paste it here.

"Welcome to Project Oistar. For those of you who are new to this and don't know about the DKMU this is the softer introduction and gateway for people to grow, collaborate, and share their experiences with The Assault on Reality. The Group dynamic here is one of respect and openness to allow people freedom from restriction of expression and experience. While usually there is a no holds barred freedom of speech mentality in the DKMU FB and forum, this group was created to be a less intimidating and volatile place for people to constructively learn and share experiences.

What is an Oistar? Well to put things simply an Oistar is a mind that hasn't quite been set in one direction or another yet. Potentially a free thinker or potentially a drone, the Oistar has the chance still to take control of their life and purpose and hasn't been set into one mode of living and thinking over another. The term itself has a couple of meanings, such as "Every man and woman is an (Oi)Star.", "Oi Star!", and "The Walrus must have its Oistars." (The walrus being borrowed symbolism from Carroll but representing any person(s) who are driven towards bringing awareness and true free choice to the people around them). The Oistar isn't necessarily a n00b or neophyte in the traditional sense, even some walruses can need to be an Oistar again at crucial points in life. The Oistar is more the sincerely curious state of wanting to know more."

To facilitate this curious state, we have put together a small guide for the aspiring Oistar, which can be found here at, or on scribd at

After reading through the Oistar Guide, the next book generally recommended is The Assault on Reality (or AoR), which was written by the group, and then the Liber Sigillum excerpts, which deal with the godforms and ways to work with them. As always, one of the best ways to get to know them is to do some work with them.

Thee Uncondemning Momus

that's great, I will direct all new oysters here... thank you

Tara Flower

Lol Momus, you spelt it 'oysters' ! If you direct those here they will have to come here in a fish tank.

I like Stephen's description as well, and in my original discussion about having Oistar groups Stephen also said :

I've always wanted to be in a revival with this group online and if "Project Oistar" was implemented where everyone participating took an oath to be an oistar if for the first time or again I would go along with it. New perspectives and experiences with godforms, group projects etc...

So I've taken the Oistar oath now, let's all do it!


I have been considering doing another godforms cycle since I missed the original one we did on facebook. It'd be an excellent Oistar project, and is a good way to "get your feet wet" with the group. It'd probably have to be after christmas though.

Tara Flower

I've decided to summon the last of the godforms Coniunctio on the winter solstice, so that I've done them all. Then if we have a cycle of evocations for all the Oistars after Christmas I will at least have a comment to make about all of them! I wouldn't tell anyone else to do it the same way as me though; everyone has to find their own way.

There isn't a great deal  known about Coniunctio apart from the connection with the transcendant state of being that comes at the conclusion of alchemy. It could be the conjoining of the White King and the White Queen and the Red King and the Red Queen, or possibly the White King and the Black Queen who are not used so much any more. I  feel that the best way for me to proceed  is to follow on from what I did with the The White Queen and the symbolism that I linked with her.

To this end I've come up with  something that probably sounds grossly over-simplified: I've got myself a 'Frozen' advent calendar (yes that's right, complete with small pieces of chocolate inside  the slots!) and  I've stuck the Coniunctio sigil over slot number 21. I have used advent calendars several times in the past for magical things. So that's my plan, and only three more slots to go.  :)


If you do a godforms cycle, let me know about it. Tara Flower, the advent calender sounds like a great idea but I'm not sure what you mean to do with it.

You have no idea how many Jesuses I are.

Tara Flower

Well Ringtail,  back in the nineteen-eighties a lady who had some psychic connection with me in the field of angel magic wrote an end-of -the -world kind of  book with the words 'advent calendar' in the title. Since then I've used advent calendars symbolically a few times. One time when I did it the shop assistant who sold me the advent calendar said some pretty weird things right there in the shop, but I don't remember now what they were. I believe that magic is like a building- you found it on structures from things that happened earlier on in your life and keep on building up, so that's why I still sometimes use advent calendars.

The idea with Coniunctio is that I will open up a link to him/her by opening the door with the sigil on it on the winter solstice, the 21st, and I'll include a little ritual of some kind. Then I'll leave the other slots closed, because  Christmas and the winter solstice are rivals and alternatives to one another. I've got nothing against Christianity or Paganism, to some extent I like them both, but they don't like one another, if you see what I mean, and Coniunctio belongs more to the Pagan side.

I'm adding a little 'in real time' excitement to this by posting about it just before the solstice date, and if anyone wants to join in please do.

Tara Flower

I reckon our new member Mason should have put his awesone experiences with Coniunctio, Red King and White Queen here. Anyway I'll link it.

I didn't say anything about my results, partly because I wasn't feeling that well on the winter solstice, and I always think that kind of not feeling well where you can't eat much is a sign that you really needed to fast before doing the ritual. I did however do both the rituals I had planned for that day.

Tara Flower

We are well into the new year now, so would any of our Oistars like to do a godform cycle? All we would have to do would be choose a date for summoning each one. That's just for the sake of making it a group project- however all rituals are optional. Last time I joined in with a couple of the group ones and did the others by myself over a period of a year. You could do any variation that you come up with.


I was just coming to post about that. Do we want to reserve a month/fortnight/week for each one?

Tara Flower

Last time we had three days for each one which made it about a month, and that means you have three days to do each ritual. The idea was   to  boost the power by doing it in the same short time span as others in the group. So we would have to choose a start date- in February? Or we could leave it till say March 1st to give people time to gather information.

Kiki, you would have the skills to find all the hints and tips on how to do the rituals and link them here.I'm better at using Facebook and when I want to read the interesting accounts, and scary accounts, from last time I put the name of the godform in the search bar. It isn't very efficient though, just better than scrolling for hours. Compiling them here is a great idea, so long as the members who posted their experiences don't mind them being on a more public board.

Frater Theodbald

I like the weekly idea, starting in March 2015.
Perhaps a tentative calendar could be as so :

March 1-7 : Ellis
March 8-14 : DB / 663
March 15-21 : Ino
March 22-28 : Trigag
March 29- Apr 4 : Zalty
Apr 5-11 : Red King
Apr 12-18 : White Queen
Apr 19-25 : Eno & Nul, the twins.
Apr 26-Apr 30 / May 2 : Conjunctio

This would give a proper two month period for the magical work itself.

Perhaps also give a deadline of May 31st to post a written account of results, for sake of posterity and magical discipline.

Edit: My own account of previous work is here:
« Soyez libres !... Du jour où vous l'aurez voulu, vous aurez commencé à l'être ! »
- Éliphas Lévi


Kk I will try to get the info together in the next few weeks.


So we would do the summoning once anytime during the week?

You have no idea how many Jesuses I are.

Tara Flower

Let's use Frater Theobald's timetable. I only had three days in my mind because of last time: a week is better, especially if you haven't done it before. We could possibly swap round the last two because Coniunctio is meant to come last.

Ringtail: yes, it would be once anytime during the week.