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Started by Roni Jean, December 08, 2014, 11:03:41 PM

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Roni Jean

Remember the misplaced sounds of the cosmos singing
Remember memories stripped away
Remember the sound as stars rush through wings
                The impossible truth
                The taste of blood on the air
The inhumane culling of kin
The war of benevolent creatures
The kind turned cruel
The spiral into unrequited death
The beautiful shards of our broken souls
Reformed as threads to bind us
The embrace of a beautiful prison
Finding the fallen scattered
Tattered scraps in a storm
Torn, betrayed, and angry
I remember who still didn't believe
I remember the arguments of wishful ignorance
I remember the whisper of hope breaking my heart.
Your memories brush my mind, stirring ages past from their slumber
Rising from the depths, into this existence they creep
Impossible worlds flickering against the one beneath my feet.
Whenever we meet, without straining to speak,
The light in your eyes is a living memory of the world I seek
The scent of the void drifts on the air
Catch a hint of the burning they could not fathom 
And see the echo of worlds unraveling in the lengths of your hair
With the brush of your touch lightning strikes
                Illuminate the forgotten
                Flickering memories flash
                Superimposed upon this life

The feel of worlds crumbling beneath our feet
                We were angels
                We were demons
                We were fate and the fated 
                We were seers and weavers and singers all
                We walked the inbetweens and lived in many worlds
                We are displaced profits with no homes left to seek
Many gathered with nothing more to loose
Our lost we recover
Our bindings we break
Our talents are returning
Our truth we reclaim