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Oistar Guide (or the newbie guide)

Started by Kiki, May 03, 2013, 05:38:16 AM

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I'm still plugging along at this,  and would love  to hear thoughts on what to include. There's already a rough outline, but there's always room to add more! As a lot of you know, the dbl  forums are down, and as  of right now, I gotta delete all of  the links I  had included from there,  so if you had any writings on  there that you feel would fit, please feel free to copy/paste them below, or email  me. The F.A.Q. is rather sparse currently as well; I can't seem to think of anything to add. And if you  have any propaganda that is DKMU related, please send that along too.  I'm still uploading pics to the media section of the site, which will eventually be linked up  into either a thread here, or a section in  the guide for easier navigation and as a way to keep them all together (if I've uploaded some of your work and failed to give you credit, let me know so I can fix it! I was pulling  them off  of the dbl/facebook pages,  and didn't always catch who posted or created them originally). 

I'm hoping to have this together and  uploaded to the site sooner versus later (: Oh, and  my email is

Thanks guys. <3


Would you prefer the writings and work from my old computer sent to your email, or posted here? I think it's all on the OISTAR repository forum too, but I'll have to go digging up links to find it.
Also, last run with Oistar had a lot of the momentum die out, so if you need a hand with anything at all with this, please let me know if I can help. I'd be happy to see this up and actually going.


Either would work, I'd love  to take a look and see what fits.

At this point, there are 15 solid pages to the Oistar Guide, and I think we've almost settled on the  fonts  and design. I would still love some FAQ submissions, and possibly some more points on  LS vs. Ellis.  I believe keeping it 20 pages and under is going to be best for the first release of it at least, so that way it's not  too much information, especially since there is  already a page that links to a number of documents and another that links to a bunch of the images in  the media section now. Once I can  figure out how to make the old archive posts I  linked to on the FB group into documents I  plan to upload them here or to the lib, and link to those too, as several were excellent resources.


Samples from the proof #2

Propaganda page by kiki wanderer, on Flickr
Each one of these photos on this page link back  to the media section of DKMU 

Intro to DKMU by kiki wanderer, on Flickr
The intro to DKMU page that I wrote (:

It's currently 13 pages, complete other than the FAQ page, and the atomsphere symbol, which I just have  to snap a photo of out of AoR- I  gotta quit being lazyyyyy lol

I have  a few questions already for the FAQ- thankyou weekin2day <3- but if you have more, send them:) Or thoughts on what needs to be in the newbie guide. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who deals with them, or remembers how confusing it can be lol


Okay, this is the last call for changes, updates, suggestions, and additions to the Oistar Guide (1.0).  I'd like to get it all done and uploaded to the texts sections by the end of the month. Weekin2day offered up some questions (what a god lol),  for the FAQ, and I am putting the  finishing touches on that.