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On the old forum we had a thread to share fresh LS-Taggings.

Kiki's extremely awesome Glamourbombing-Guide inspired me to reopen this thread and make some contributions to it at the same time :) Nothing really special, but probably still two of my best, since I'm rather inexperienced in these things. Here they are:

If you have some photos, please share them too :)

Edit: A friend who knows nothing about the DKMU just sent me a HoN-Video where he is shown. And the first part of the video contains a player called "dkmushman"  8)  Such an amazing "coincidence"! I assume this is one of us? (here's the video ).

Edit: I'm trying to rename the Topic into Glamourbombing Revived, since that is apparently the correct term, used by Kiki and the originators of the term

Frater Theodbald:
Those are amazing tags.  Thanks for sharing!  :)

Made a couple more. Currently I'm also planning to get myself some "empty stickers", on which I can write things and put them in places. I will probably try make them so as to get people to write responses on them. More details, when I have the money to buy the stuff  ;D

(The "Riot" was not written by me, but I felt it's worth responding to.)

(Just in case someone asks, no I did not make that hole. Just found it and couldn't resist commenting in this way :D )

I love the second one  :D

These are great examples.  Thanks!

I am pretty sure I would freak if I saw those before I knew about LS. :)


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