an encounter with the hungry dead and the need for eggplants

Started by aetherclaw, April 22, 2013, 01:39:56 PM

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last night, April 21 2013, i decided to go for a walk since there was suppose to be a meteor shower. i figured i'd walk down to the bay make a small offering to the element of water at a statue of a lighthouse of a charged coin, a dime with the LS sigil and one of my own sigils written on it in sharpie. the path i took took me past a cemetery at approximately 12:20, midnight and as i was passing i figured i'd bow slightly and mentally say hi and offer my respects to the spirits of the dead though as soon as i did this apparently i opened myself to them and quite physically felt them pulling me towards them, i felt myself gravitate towards the cemetery though i resisted and continued to walk on, though i could feel them stripping layers of energy and enchantments i had placed on myself off of me. as i walked i told them they had my respect but it is not yet my time to join them. as i made it past the cemetery i felt their pull lessen as i got farther away though i felt weakened and had lost some layers of beneficial enchantment i had on myself.

though weakened i made it to the public altar that is the statue of a lighthouse at the bay, once there i made my offering of the coin and upon setting it upon the altar entered instant gnosis, despite the encounter with the dead the ritual went well.

it occurs to me that without a physical body the spirits of the dead need other sources of energy so i do not regard them as in any way malicious, simply hungry but on my return trip i still put up shields rather than inviting them in, though i could of put up defensive spikes as well i would of considered that disrespectful to spirits that could one day be allies but i could still sense them just outside the shields trying to get in.
all in all i was quite impressed with these spirits and the degree of influence they had over physical things as well as things of spirit, others i have shared this with have told me this has happened to them as well.
for some time i have been considering making an offering of apples to the spirits that reside in cemeteries. i chose apples because in some cultures apples are regarded as the food of the dead, though they are also associated with love and some people i've shared this idea with tell me they think it would be a love spell, though if it did work as one i would be interested in the exact way it would function, after all there is no shortage of graveyard dirt in a graveyard and would it target family members of the deceased or who would it be directed at, i have no doubt of the power that would be behind it as the physical pull of the spirits of the dead is quite similar in intensity to that of deeply intense attachment of deeply intense love that bypasses the conscious mind and drives one to act on behalf of another before they one is even aware of their acting.
however this is not the goal i had in mind when i first thought of the apple idea, it was as an idea for a simple offering to the dead just for the sake of an offering, upon encountering the spirits that reside in this particular cemetery it becomes incredibly apparent that should i ever return to show my respects i should need to bring an offering other than myself that they do not feed off of me more than i should like, and that psychic shielding and other protection is a must.
so i stopped by a hoodoo shop today and spoke with one of the people who run it and i acknowledge to have far greater experience and expertise than myself, they told me that i should take a protective herbal bath, otherwise i would be as a sponge and would have such spirits following me around as parasites, this seems quite reasonable. as for the apples they told me that eggplant would be a more appropriate offering to the dead and the god of the cemetery as this is a food that such beings have a particular connection with and purple and black are their colors and i should bring nine of them after taking precautions to protect myself. for now it is my intent to eventually do this as the dead seem quite hungry and i would also like to try and be in good standing with the spirits of the cemetery, though first i should like to do more research on this and the connection eggplants have to all of this.

i post this here both with the though that others may find information held here in useful or interesting and with the thought that others may know something of such things that they may want to share as well and may even be useful as well.