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SO MISTI And Sigils.

Started by Tara Flower, November 29, 2014, 02:26:41 PM

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Tara Flower

One of my next projects is going to be experimenting with SO MISTI, the sweet-looking servitor that Paul Nott made. Some of you Oistars had already done chaos magick before when you joined DKMU, possibly for many years; however I am one of the ones who hadn't, and decided to learn both chaos magick and the DKMU system together. That's one of the reasons I'm running the Oistar groups: I'm the real thing and I know how you feel if you are new!

I started with sigils for something small, as you do; however some of them didn't work and it was probably due to the wording of the intent, or conflicting feelings, or thinking they were fired correctly when they weren't. I don't believe in making entities do all the work for you, however it would be a great idea to present some of these that didn't work to SO MISTI to see if she could explain or help, and other people could do this too and report their results. I've read the document about SO MISTI several times and it seems to me that there is no need to astrally project to her; if you can't do that you could do it as a pathworking and still get some results.

I am copying this topic, and the file, to the Project Oistar Facebook group.

Tara Flower

Here's my report about working with So Misti. I drew a sigil for something in my working life which I've tried a few times before with different variants of statements of intent. This time I went over  it in brown, supposedly a good colour for working life. I tried charging and firing it.

Later I started on invoking So Misti to ask her about it and give it to her. The plan was first put on some lavender hand cream and smell the perfume, then copy her sigil onto paper with green, blue and purple felt pens, then say her name and go on the pathworking journey to vist her.

While I was still drawing her sigil, not very well because my drawing is extremely wobbly, So Misti said to me telepathically that there is no need to go any further. I should just talk to her by telepathy the way I do with other entities. It felt like she was sitting behind me in the room.

I gave her the new sigil, and talked about the previous ones and some other ones that hadn't worked. She thought it was funny that I had strong opinions about what had happened with all of them, and I was concentrating more on what I thought was wrong than on her. She said she would plug in the new one, and asked me to do the pathworking journey the following day and she would then tell me about the others.

The next day I did the journey, sitting on a cosy bed. I was quite surprised by the results. Normally I never see anything, I have to visualize everything, but with this technique I did see: I saw a black shaft beside me, and when I went down it I clearly saw the colours blue, green and purple all around me. Also I felt a change of orientation, as if the tunnel was another dimension. At every stage of the descent I kept seeing a figure which changed: somethimes it was like a girl and other times more like someone else.
At the bottom these experiences were much fainter, so I did visualize at that stage. So Misti said that all the sigils would work but I wasn't allowing enough time for them to manifest; it could take a while, possibly about a year.

I said thank you and went back, and the shaft seemed so real that I even felt as if I hadn't come back properly, and needed to do that a second time. It had a magnetic pull, as if it would fascinate human beings and drag them into it.


Sounds like you found success (= Despite hearing about SO MISTI from a lot of people, I actually know nothing about her lol.


I agree with Kiki, this sounds like an absolutely amazing and very useful experience.

Therefore, I'm really interested in trying something comparable  :)  But I don't know anything about So Misti either. Where can I find information on this? It's not in the DKMU-Texts on the page or on Kiki's Scribd-Collection. Is in in some post on FB? If so, we should definitely look it up and get it to the forum.

Can you tell us where you got the sigil and the other information from?
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Tara Flower

Quote from: Moon1ight on February 12, 2015, 02:43:47 PM

Where can I find information on this? It's not in the DKMU-Texts on the page or on Kiki's Scribd-Collection. Is in in some post on FB?

Can you tell us where you got the sigil and the other information from?

This was the first of the mini projects I posted on both Project Oistar on Facebook and this new sub-forum here and I apologise, I should not have assumed people already knew where to find the information about So Misti. The account of what this servitor looks like and how she is used is to be found on the files section of the DKMU Facebook group. It's called  ' So Misti' and it's by Paul Nott who made her. Paul also has his own Facebook  group Chaos Magick Group  (actually there are several groups with this name but this one is Paul's), and the file is on the files section of that group as well. They are both closed groups which may explain why not everyone has seen this material.

When I was preparing to experiment with So Misti I looked back a bit in Chaos Magick Group. Those records may be gone now because the group got closed down and they had to make a new one. Anyway it appears that a lot of people were talking about a group experiment to make a servitor. It's a very jokey irreverant group and they wanted a sexy one , one with tentacles and so forth. Paul Nott was genuinely serious about it and he's very skilled: he actually made the servitor and she both  looks beautiful and helps with the serious side of magick. Just to please some of the crowd she does have discreet tentacles at the back, an addition and not a predominant part of her appearance.

The So Misti text recounts Paul visiting So Misti in trance to program her. I was very impressed by it: I can't leave my body like that but I'm good at pathworking meditations so I tried it out using that technique. I've seen posts from people who say So Misti has helped them a lot with making sigils more effective. It doesn't come entirely naturally to me to do sigils and I've only been learning them because they are the staple beginning point for chaos magick. So I thought some input from So Misti would be interesting. We're trying to encourage more of the new members, the Oistars, to write up what they experience. I often do and I always hope I'm not being egotistic! I thought So Misti would be a good one to start with as she deals with the fundamentals, helping sigils to work.


<<don't mind me, just making a note to add that file to the dkmu files section, cuz I am running out of room on my DKMU list>>