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Something witty and memorable in the subject line
« on: January 23, 2015, 03:40:54 pm »
For those I haven't really spoken to, which is most of you, here is the minimalist version of who I am. On the DKMU/CHAOS MAGICK groups on facebook, my name is Richard.

I have been drawn to magick my whole life. It took me a long time to realize the specifics, and realize I had been doing it in a crude way most of my life. Like a caveman painting with mud on a cave wall. It gets the idea across, but it needed refinement. But then again, cavemen knew a thing or two about the power of basic symbols, so there you go.

Once I became awoken/aware I  got to a point where i felt I was becoming fairly adept, knew my way around the board, what a lot of the pieces were and gained a good amount of confidence, my life fell to complete chaos, the garden variety of it, and I abandoned all magick practices, aside from the occasional flaccid sigil attempt here and there.
But about 4 weeks ago now, a bunch of small random bursts of synchronicity led me to a facebook Discordian group, which turned out to just be a meme fest of lame-umental proportions, but sidebar suggest the CHAOS MAGICK group, which led to a massive fireball of a rekindling in the things I am meant to be doing.
That led to my memory being jogged of the DKMU/LS by...Ryan. Of course I had no idea who he was in regards to all this. I'd read a very small bit about DKMU years ago, pre-downward spiral, and I really liked the concept of casting a global net via all means available. But it got forgotten in the stream of nonsense I fell into/allowed myself to fall into.

But now I feel reawakened, wiped the shit from my shoes, and things have been happening at an accelerated rate for me in this realm.

I am not a ceremonial magick sort. I actually have issues retaining detailed traditional rituals, incantations and the like. My brain holds onto concepts and ideas very very well though. I am a very visual/feeling/instinct based person.

I've been an artist my whole life and I find working magick of any sort most easily conveyed through that, for me personally. Art cleanses me, heals old wounds, protects from new ones and on and on and so forth and shooby dooby dooby.

I like creating sigils on the fly. I like being fluid. I don't need to sit for hours thinking on something, even though I do sit and think for hours about just about everything. Including why this post is half from an intro post on the board and half newly written. Why am I cutpasting myself? Oh well, who cares. haha

I like taking the random and making it mine. I practice what I think of as found as found sigils, laying around, on walls, in twisted up branches, street signs, a random shoe laying in the gutter. I like walking the same routes where I live and tagging little sigils and icons onto them and making them my sanctuary. On the buses i ride and tables I eat at. Constructive vandalism. Or just re-purposing boring things haha

Random story, when I was in my teens in Green Bay  redneck shithole of the midwest,  around '89 I created a fake gang called the Los Vatos. Tagged an LV gang symbol all over, in parks, at the high school, everywhere I went. I would go right into gang areas and tag over their symbols, and every time I went, absolutely nobody was there. I found that confusing. First time I tried, i figured i got lucky. Then I just kept going back whenever, and always seemed to 'magically' show up when nobody was around. In retrospect I think I was just instinctively making myself unseen and rolling the synchronicity dice.

Got to the point that in a few weeks I began hearing people talk about it, the big Mexican gang moving up to WI, a biker gang from Detroit (whaaaaaaaaa?), an affiliate of the Crips, the Bloods, they'd kicked the shit out of this guy or that guy. I'd join in on these conversations and add more bullshit to it. The good old Los Vatos  even got a mention in the local paper in a big expose on growing gang culture. Only me and 3 other people knew it was all me by myself. The name came from an episode of 21 Jump Street where Johnny Depp went undercover in a gang and called himself The Vato. lol

I've done a lot of largish scale mindfucks like that throughout my life. I worked for deviantart and gave 11 million people mudkip avatars on April Fool's, which they couldn't change for 24 hours. Large scale meddling  is what appeals to me about DKMU. Doing that on a different deeper level, for something positive and beneficial to a world that is waaaaaaaay too lacking in the good kind of random.

So that's the mini micro of who I am, and what I feel led me here.

I'm glad I was drawn back to this whole thing. I said on the FB DKMU page, finding this group, and now being at a point in my life where I'm ready to fully appreciate it, felt like coming home. Or meeting actual Invisibles, Discordians, people who want to do things and then do them, will them into being.

A place for the freaks who don't fit in with the other freaks. An outsider's insider's group.

Plus this is +1 more posts in the forums ;p 8)


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Re: Something witty and memorable in the subject line
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2015, 12:15:45 pm »
Wow! Mindblowing One-Man Gang-Life over there. Respect for pulling that off.

I noticed myself that whenever the impulse to leave a Tag becomes strong, places remain quiet and empty for surprising amounts of time.

Absolutely welcome to this forum and thanks a lot for the stories! "Large Scale Meddling" (with consensus reality) is probably the best three-word description of what the DKMU does I ever came across.

Welcome (back) to yourself, as the saying goes.
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Re: Something witty and memorable in the subject line
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2015, 06:19:11 pm »
Welcome to the group (=