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Hi, geists, this is Aeron Paul from the CMG and DKMU Facebook pages... I never really had much taste for magickal societies, found that most of them are just cash suckers or just full of crybabies. But the pages I mentioned earlier are everything I'm looking for in a place I'd like to be if ever I had to join a community - Beauty, Variety, and Conflict. It had all of them, while still giving you the time to laugh your ass off.

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As far as magickal communities go, who knows what this is or has been. It has a long history, we've interviewed Biroco & Hine about it, (don't think that they don't know). Carroll is a bit harder to locate. This is however, not a "group". This the edge of Chaos Magic just as it was in 2004, then 2007. I haven't the slightest clue where it will go from here. Good enough. Welcome again.

As far as for how forums & IRC chat goes, with CISPA being in action, and this whole thing being hosted somewhere in the UK, yeah, it might be a good thing to go back to analogue. I'll certainly be using it. There's a small hope! Hell, either way, FB has sucked up the occult progression more or less. Let's see!
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I always felt like there wasn't a distinct "groupness" to the DKMU, seeing as there's no real leadership, membership, etc. Just a handful of people that's mad and tired of it all. Looking forward to all the trouble and madness!


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We are but the points on the round table of the kaos star