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DKMU biznez- Everybody Read This.

Started by arjil, January 27, 2015, 08:29:32 PM

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«3 you guys rock. I agree wholeheartedly with Frater and Boz. I think the Oistar Guide and forum are adequate to cover the newbs (note to self: add chaos 101 section). I compiled a list of the compaints from FB, which I will be working through soonish.  I am gonna try to figure out all this forum admin stuff so we can have a glorious mobile platform :p

As for realtime meets, they are hard to plan on a. Large scale. We had a mini meet in October here, and we meet every so often here in Denver. If youbwant to see them in your area, then hold them. I post about the meets I hold on facebook and meetups sometime, and will try to remember to post here/OC. The point I am making, I guess, is that its not as hard as you think to get mages together. Mention alcohol, that seems to work beautifully. Even when I lived in MI I was able to meet with 2-3 other chaotes a handful of times a year. If all else fails, you can always put a call out for a drunk irc night. It has been some time since one was planned, but you'll notice a lot of us tend to do it up.

What do or did we do right?

I have spent a *lot* of time pondering the DKMU and why I am here. A lot. And about chaos magick. Cuz ya know. It doesn't do a whole lot for me anymore. I have far better results playing in the dirt drunk. But this group holds a lot of my closest friends. And they are my friends because this group brought us together. If all else fails, and everything goes to shit, I hope this continues to be true, and that others are able to find it too.  AoR changed a lot of things for me on an inner level, and LS has become a huge part of my life. I hear this echoed in conversations I have about the DKMU, whether they are lurkers, oistars, or old fags.  I think some of the real magic of the DKMU will always be the people who choose to be a part of it.

What needs to change?

I think there have been a lot of great answers to this question already, both here and on fb.

Where do You guys want to see this thing go?

This I have been pondering too. I think it would be awesome to see this thing grow and revive again.


Quote from: Tara Flower on February 10, 2015, 12:18:53 PM
Shaytanah, why not come over and post on our new Oistar board on this forum?

Is that where I'm supposed to be?  Okay I'll check it out.