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Liber Sigillum experience

Started by Mason, January 31, 2015, 11:46:54 PM

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So I was reading Liber Sigillum, the thing about the DKMU godforms, on I was reading it I was able to make contact with every one of the different godforms.

Now I am really wondering why the Liber said it is impossible to invoke Conjunctio. I actually did. It required me to forge the union of the Red King and the White Queen.

Also if I remember correctly it also said that it is impossible to invoke the White Queen. As I was reading the Liber I saw where it said that the White Queen is the pathways that a working may take and she always ends up at the Red King or something like that. This is the key to how I invoked her.

What I did was I asked the Red King for help in invoking her. Then I did a minor mental working to start the path and set that working to be directed straight to the Red King while I was invoking the Red King. It worked.

So when I was reading about Conjunctio it said that he is the combination of Red King and White Queen. So I invoked them both at the same time with the intent of forming an invocation of Conjunctio. For a couple of seconds right after I did that my upper body was thrust back, my mind went completely blank, and my mouth had flew open. It was just as the Liber had said...the mindstate I was in at that precise moment is indeed indescribable. But for that one second I do believe that I did successfully invoke Conjunctio.


That excerpt was taken from the first ed. Since the time of writing, several cycles have been done and more up to date info is available. I believe the majority of experiences were originally posted to fb, perhaps someone will compile all of the information. I also believe some of the sigils and info are in the gallery; if I recall correctly, in the DKMU subfolderd.