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Started by Order's Bane, March 27, 2015, 05:30:13 AM

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Order's Bane

New here, I have done research on the paranormal and have always had a fascination for the out of ordinary. I am at most times very out of the box in nature hence why many find me awkward. I live in a continent overloaded with order which doesn't help, so much order that change is very slow and hardly anything interesting ever happens. You can even see the effects of order physically in how barren and stagnant the inner landscape is. Order and the rigid structure of trying to make people conform to normality has caused me trouble throughout my life cause of who I am. I am persistent in my defiance/resistance against especially any confining order and traditions, if I will cannot resist openly I will do it secretively and silently.

Order has a strong grip on people of my age or has had at where I live and on the people who live here in general too. They are even open about it, having two categories: "Normal" or "Not Normal/Weird" and isolating the latter or any that seem even the slightest out of place/awkward. When I grew intelligent enough and learned a lot I overpowered this boundary, winning through hard work and they came to be more accepting/use to the "awkward". As far as I know my continent or where I live is a "Stronghold" for Order and hardly any significant change or anything interesting happens here, if any it is short.

I research about the paranormal, collect magic knowledge I find interesting and especially find chaos magic interesting. It is about freedom and liberation. I plan to eventually actually try significant/proper ones when I have enough knowledge and have decided what I will do.

So yeah, glad to find others who believe in chaos too. I live in a place or continent where there is simply too much order that its over the balance as far as I know. Chaos is in small pockets here and its predominantly very orderly, especially in how society works.


I feel you. Hail Discordia, good on you for resisting.

You have no idea how many Jesuses I are.