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Author Topic: Writings Inspired By Ino  (Read 3315 times)

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Writings Inspired By Ino
« on: March 15, 2015, 03:12:09 am »

Ino really has been a muse for me; she got me doing creative writing again after many years of not touching it, and my writing now is chaos influenced. Some of it is media magick, and some is fiction that I channeled directly from Ino. Here's a poem I wrote for  Ino:

I met a Muse who sent me back
To the hall of poets, bearded painters...
I live with a musician still,
But I left them in  my mind;
Left for the realm of Insubstantia,
Dwelling where it's not substantial,
Doing jobs that have no substance
With the worldly kind.
Where to go that's free and open?
Go to the Bohemian crowd,
Join in with the voice  they speak in
When at last they're skilled and proud.
See the world the way they see it,
Be the change the artists wrought
Linked to them in their endeavors,
With them once again in thought.

If you've got sharp eyes you'll see I've edited this to put on a different poem, and I've taken off the links because I want to get our material published or publish it myself. I wouldn't charge lots of money for it though. It's just to do with how the creative arts are great and media magick is great.


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Tara Flower

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Re: Writings Inspired By Ino
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2017, 03:34:57 am »

I have trouble posting more than one link on this forum-maybe it's the way I do them. Anyway as you may have heard, four books have just been released from my writing project with Ino. If you would like to read for free a novella and a book of short stories written by Ino, and a book of short stories about magick and psychic stuff written by me, then head over to Facebook and join the CMG Writers' Guild and they are in the files section.

The fourth book is  my fantasy novella about chaos magicians called 'The Wizard From Vahan' and it's more tricky to give you a free copy of that because it's published by Night Horse Publishing House and it's on their Lulu page. It's worth buying one to help a small publishing house that is dedicated to fiction inspired by real magick.

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