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Assaulting the stronghold of order and "reality"?

Started by Order's Bane, April 02, 2015, 10:03:18 PM

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Order's Bane

How does one assault reality and order at it's stronghold or one of them? What would have to be done? Currently it seems the Australian continent is the place with the strongest concentration of order in the world and lowest concentration of chaos. What would have to be done in the assault on reality/order if you live there and how difficult would it be?

The Australian continent, especially the urban parts is the most orderly and "reality" place you will probably find in the world. The concentration of order there is very high and probably more than anywhere else. In the urban areas such as sydney you will find many buildings from the late 19th and early 20th century standing perfect though renovated in the inside. It has the smallest concentration of chaos in the world and very little major interesting unpredictable things have happened here. It is also politically and culturally very orderly with probably the most reactionary "in the framework" politics dominated place on the planet.

Many attempts to create chaos in the past even the ones that did manage to have some effects but not enough due to the order and reality comcentration were short lived. Politically it is getting even more orderly with restrictions on peaceful protest being placed now with little to no resistance, especially to prevent ones that disrupt the way things work. Also no resistance to the bills which allow the intelligence agencies to rummage through your computer files remotely if given warrant.

Is the Australian continent a stronghold or even a hive of order? It seems the number 1 orderly place, perhaps more than U.K and U.S if I'm correct. Are there any beings behind the veil and order happening btw?

Would some kind of doorway have to be opened to allow a large scale migration of chaotic beings into the location? How would that be done too?

Jack Crowley

I do not live there. This response is based primarily upon your description of Australia's order fixation.

If you are concerned with breaking down "order" in the continent, which aligns somewhere within the stated purpose of DKMU's work (making reality "squishy",) then the solution seems to be infection. A castle wall cannot be beaten down by hand, especially by a single man-at-arms. To be successful, one must either undermine the structure, or call upon a greater force or forces for additional assistance. Given what you have described, I recommend a combination of the two.

Your first order of business should be to enter the wild places and sacred places of Australia and link them to the Network. Request permission of the spirit(s) of the place, leave an offering, state your case. Do whatever you need to do in order to secure cooperation from them. The fact that you are trying to break down the very solid wall of consensual reality in urban Australia will probably be the best news they have had in centuries! Leave a good tag of the linking sigil in these places with the intent of linking them to the linking sigil network.

Once this has been established, you will need to move onto an urban "order-filled" area. I recommend keeping it small at first until you can get other local occultists in on this. Pick a smallish area (a city block or three of a city, a smallish town, etc.) and begin placing sigils with the intent that they serve as one-way conduits from the sigils previously placed in the wild and spiritually rich areas. Here is an excellent link on Greater Ellisian Generators:   

Once you have set up the generator, it would be a good idea to immediately begin reinforcing this work by placing sigils within the area. A good mixture of intent focusing on either A.) Breaking down static reality B.) Breaking down popular opinion regarding oppressive governing bodies C.) Working against the effectiveness of oppressive governing bodies and D.) Encouraging occult/magical phenomena within the boundaries established. The first and last sets of intent will make the middle two a bit more effective, I believe. None of this need be visible, and I think making them visible would be counter-productive to your purpose. Burying sigils to be absorbed into the very earth itself seems like an effective way of doing this.

Now, you do not need to do this exactly, but if Australia is as stasis-ridden as you claim, then a systematic approach might be best. Also, if you know any other Australian occultists, find ways to encourage similar operations in their respective areas. Something this bad needs consistent work. I would also look into the work of Charles Cosimano, as well. Send me a PM and I will give you a link to his work.

Best of luck,

Order's Bane

It seems its a special case with Australia. Its one of the most orderly places in the world including socio-economically. There were no revolts EVER literally that significantly defeated and successfully defeated the public order. The closest attempt was the Eureka Stockade rebellion which ended in massive failure.

It could be a major interference with the DKMU's goal of bringing down the veil of reality and spreading entropy.

Why is the continent of Australia the most orderly place in the world with the lowest concentrations of entropy and only a few natural disasters from time to time? Does a deity of order reside there or something? Somebody who is an expert in this should go and find out.