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What up though?
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Whats up? Im Fanardo aka K-Haos Mentalz. I got into khaos magick about 5 years ago after I had an accident via spilling hot simmering grease on my face. I received second degree burns marks on my face as a result. I was practicing psionics at the time, and a friend I was in contact with through oec forums suggested I started practicing Khaos Magick. Chaosmatrix and the Liber Null were my first entry points, and I used that knowledge to construct a healing servitor for the first time. To my amazement, my face completely healed back to normal over a course of about two to three months. After I seeing and proving to myself what I can "really" do with my mind, I have been practicing and experimenting Khaos magick ever since. P.S. Most of what im interested in is displayed under my signature ;)