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Little Shizzeksloop

Started by Mason, April 22, 2015, 08:25:40 AM

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There is a thoughtform I have created that I nearly forgot about and got a visit from the other day. He is an entity that became self-aware during a Pathfinder campaign. (Pathfinder is like Dungeons and Dragons) His name is Little Shizzeksloop or Shiz for short.
He wears a red hood and cloak. Has an amulet of a fist around his neck. Has claws on his hands. He is a half-elf sorcerer of an infernal bloodline. His skin is dark brown like the color of a deep tan. He usually talks in a ghetto accent. He can be aggressive very fast, like in your face aggressive, if angered. But normally he is cool and collected....even when he is mad and in your face. Most of the time when he is in your face it is just a threat also. He is very fun to be around.

So. I am trying to expand this thoughtform. I was wondering if any of you may want to invoke or evoke him and report your findings. I would be very much so appreciative. Thanks.

I know that he can accept "quests" but something has to be in it for him too. Exact terms are subject to discussion. Also he likes kool-aid.