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NOLA Chelseanacht Ritual 2015

Started by Ahavah Ain Soph, April 22, 2015, 09:56:52 PM

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I would love to participate in the ritual from afar, if the glyph is public i would like to use it as a focus.

Definitely agree with the last point ringtail. I believe the progression of the godforms is different for everyone, i tried to go in order, but everytime i go for a marathon i go in a different order, and end up getting 'stuck' in some godforms that i need to focus on more.


Okay, so...just to see if I can sum up for myself:

What we're trying to do is kind of edge the godforms more into a direct initiatory journey. Like the Stations of the Cross in Catholicism, only instead of following  Jesus' path to through being crucified, we're creating a pathway for each individual to achieve some sort of personal apotheosis.

Basically, starting with Ellis as the initial doorway and then each of the godforms as an experience along that journey.

Am I hitting it yes or no?
"Wind, fire, that kind of thing..."

Ahavah Ain Soph

Something like that, I'm still working with people to evolve the idea a bit, which has actually been going swimmingly. I'll be posting something soon on that evolved series of ideas.

There are a few goals in mind. One goal is to introduce programming into these entities to behave in such a way as to do almost precisely what you were saying. To act cohesively as a means and mechanism to facilitate initiation/progression along the initiatory path.

Another goal is to create a ritual which is simple and beautiful enough in essence, aim, and execution so as to utilize it as something which can be replicated by any group of 7 or more dkmu members upon meeting in such a way as to accomplish anything group oriented or even just for the hell of it due to its nature as a meeting ritual designed to strengthen the relational ties between the group. This is similar to many groups. Judaism has Minyan, when 10 men are assembled, certain prayers are augmented. This is derived from the Kaballah and the Sephirot of the Etz Chaim. Gardnerian traditions have certain rituals which every member of the tradition knows, and so when groups of them meet those rituals can be done in a cohesive and beautiful way.

A third aim, and a more physical one, is to edge DKMU into a more cohesive group, taking care to maintain diversity (BEAUTY! VARIETY! CONFLICT!) but also creating and strengthening common bonds, aims, and themes. A mechanism to make such an effect is already in place, just not utilized as such. This mechanism is the Godforms, seeing as that a large percentage of the group works with these entities, focusing such an aim through strengthening the bonds between the Godforms in certain ways is a good way to back up other work to be done.
The last aim is the creation of such a system of occultism/initiation which is as lasting, simple, complex, dynamic, adaptable, and self-sustaining as such systems as the Elemental, the Planetary, the Tree of Life, etc. This is being worked on separately at the moment between some peoples including myself.

That answer the question?


Alright, so who are these peoples you keep mentioning? Do you know yet who is coming?

You have no idea how many Jesuses I are.

Ahavah Ain Soph

So far, definitely Mr Hellfire, Axaeon, and myself. I need to talk to Branch again, since he was pretty gung ho about it last year. There's a potential Aletheia will be making a showing, though I think it's unlikely. Kiki has expressed interest in coming down. I really want Alysy to show up, but he has a lot of other stuffs going on. MQ was talking about coming last year.

So far the planning party has been myself, Axaeon, Hellfire, and some talks last year on the IRC with a bunch of people there. I've been asking questions of some old timers like Kael Mow to make sure I have some historical information correct. I also have chatted with more people in passing less extensively on various pieces of the puzzle.

We will likely see more RSVPs closer to the date, I have a feeling that perhaps Sam Hamilton will make a showing, but nothing and no one beyond the three I've mentioned are a definite yes.


Where I stand: If somebody was going from Colorado, I'd love to carpool. I can drive, or contribute gas money. I can probably get away for the weekend- like a thursday-friday-saturday-sunday dealio, possibly a little longer if things swing that way. IDK about on my own, I spoke with hubby and he doesn't care if I go, but can not take any more time off of work. I'm pretty sure my mom-friend would probably watch them for me, I would just have to bribe the boy with ice cream or something, so I am covered on that front. It mainly hinges on the work I can get in the meantime; the agency I'm working through is taking their sweet time to offer me anything.


A HUGE thanks to Ahavah for bringing the NOLA meet to the forums and FB, This will be the third year celebrating in the Big Easy.
Now that we are much closer to the date I'm back online and will be getting together the major plans for things, so....

The time has come, the walrus said...

If you plan on coming down to NOLA for the July meet, please send a message to me at

Let me know:
Who are you? your name on the forum, or FB or irc or even your real name ;) 
How are you getting here? From Where? Are you willing to carpool or pickup?
Do you need help finding a place to stay? and/or how long?
Which of the DKMU egregores do you align with/would like to focus on with this working?Why?
(more on the exacts of the ritual and the simultaneous evocations to come)

and anything else you think appropriate, Or inappropriately informative. Non sequiturs are fine too, no discrimination here.

I'll be gathering all the info from last year's working for the forum in the next couple of nights, i'll post the link here if it ends up in a more appropriate Topic, as i'm still trying to re-find everyone else's collected info from last year.



"Wind, fire, that kind of thing..."


Only three responses so far!

Come on guys, I'd love to help you find a nice magical place to rest and I need to know all involved so we can finalize the ritual and seal.

Even if you're not coming but wish to be involved let me know and I'll send you something as a link to here for the working.

Also Info from  Chelseanacht Ritual 2014

(anyone wondering about the mirrors might find the link useful as well ;) )