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Started by Philtered.Khaos, August 30, 2013, 11:32:16 AM

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Does anyone know some good sources to learn a little about combining music and magic? I make a lot of songs for aiding my trance state, but thinking if ways to make the song itself the spell.
I have soared too high on the Wings of Dreams, only to be dashed on the rocky shores of Despair.


Runic Galdr is a spell song, maybe you could incorporate that somehow.
Mantras, could record yourself speaking them. whether traditional ones or one you create to embody your intent.
The way i combine music and magic is for evoking emotions mostly.

Ianas Tebron

I remember reading about William S Burroughs messing around with using audio to some effect, but I have not researched this in any particular detail. Maybe that would be a good place to check? Besides the obvious of making a sigil that also is a super catchy mantra and having many people charge it via the internet or any public forum where you have an audience I am not sure what else to suggest.  I have not messed with the audio so much, but if I work out a good technique I will let ya know.

Homer K Blua

Pan deamon aeon is about the magick of buroughs it's a paper by Phil hine you can get it off his site...
I've not read it but I know he used a technique of cutting things apart and reassembling them to make audio colleges that would evoke a moment feeling or thing...

I'm a musician and have been thinking about ways to do this that I'd find more practical musically Im thinking about making something with a symbolic number for the bpm and maybe backward and or cut up vocals I think I want to make a few and then use them randomly like some people have done with sigils... I might come back and post when I try it

Thee Uncondemning Momus

I don't know if you will see this, but yes, Burroughs and Gysin are a good place to start. We have done some work with sigils in audio forms, and suggest looking at the work of AIN23's sound project, 23 minutes in Time. Also, if you contact us, via IRC sometime (look for At-Tawwad - in the #domus channel) we can talk about it, as that is much easier for us. We are also looking for a few texts we have on the subject because we are writing a piece on soundworking and magick for a new DKMU text. Anyway, when we do find the texts they will be posted on our Network share. Find us, or PM us here for that drive information.


I've been trying to get in contact with members of AIN23 for a looong ass time, after having found out they are based here in sacramento. I'm going to check out that sound project. any word on how to get in touch with these foo's would 'preciated, i'm all about collab =)


Thought and intent. Infuse and Imbue the song with it and emotions as you make it. Simple. Just give it an extra bang for potentcy. Maybe even charge it and perform a ritual to go with it, Do your own thing.

Roni Jean

You could also consider finding someone with synesthesia. One who sees music visually might be able to help you with patterning/infusion.