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What to do next? Was it successful?

Started by Order's Bane, May 04, 2015, 07:16:02 AM

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Order's Bane

Is more needed or is marking a place with the sigil enough?

So recently I've drawn some small rough sketches of the Ellis sigil on the curbs of a walkway/pathway that separated it from patches of grass where many people pass through nearly everyday. Not perfect though, one on a wood pole which was more detailed by scratching it on. Also did it just during the pause of a destructive storm which was a highly rare occurrence at where I live.

I didn't say or chant anything though when doing it, just sketched them on quickly and made sure nobody was near the surroundings. Though they are most likely still there.

Any way to determine whether it was successful? Since I may live in one of the most orderly and mundane places in this world?

Did I open a door for Ellis in this mundane continent and is it doing any good? Also what would Ellis think to see such a mundane continent low in entropy? More Mundane than possibly the U.S and U.K? Though we have someone on here who lives on the islands next to it on here(Clockwork) who is a better judge than I am at estimating the entropy concentrations with more experience?