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Author Topic: Welcome to the Rabbit Hole (Repost from DBL)  (Read 4452 times)


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Welcome to the Rabbit Hole (Repost from DBL)
« on: May 07, 2015, 11:40:03 am »

This is a repost from an old DBL-Post that, I think, might serve as a good short introduction to the DKMU (Edit for clarity: This is not written by me. I assume it's Alysy's work.)


If you had managed to find this inconspicuous internet post, whether by search, link, or word of mouth, you had no doubt heard of our activities taking place the world over. The operations had begun, and we have resurfaced into the world once again.

I use "we", as in:


To start, I would like to remind you who are reading this, that you are still alive.

Further to that, in being alive, you alone have sole control and power over what occurs in the time of your existence, and in the gaze of your immediate experience while on this planet. And, if you didn’t believe that already, this text gives you permission to assume the complete control you were convinced out of. There is no exception, however hard some institutions may try to convince you otherwise. For some, this is attempted to the point where they’re choices in life are also, and become your choices. If you are one who finds comfort in this dependence, then let it be known that all attachments to Hive Mentality will, after this point, and in pursuit of answer, be completely and utterly destroyed from the mind.

The time has come, I’m afraid, to cut the apron strings, and meet Total Liberation face to face.

This may be difficult for some, for in fact, Liberation consists of an internal grace. Those who cling like children to dogma will suddenly feel as if they had been cruelly snatched of their bottles. Those who praise nationality and race alike will suddenly feel the cold absence of the warm ego-stroking hand of Culture, and the State.

You may have already come across some of our articles, or fliers, be they found in the Real World, or the Web. Know that your town or city is not the only one, nor the first. The event was synchronous, reaching into every country, areas rural and urban, being performed by many groups, and many cells, under many different names. As correspondence dictates, you have managed to find ours. Why is this being done? You might ask, and that particular answer depends solely on how you honestly feel after reading. Until then, and in so many words...

The chains of boundary had never existed, Khaos had never died, and Welcome, to the limitless potentia of your unhinged Self.

As luck would have it, not all information regarding that which was sought may be found on this forum. As well, if you happen to find any other fronts of organization, those puzzles shall not contain all pieces, either. Such is the way we assume to insure that those who truly seek, will find. As they say, the rabbit hole goes deep, and infamy is gained within shadows. Answers are gained through communication, and willed activity. Although, some answers are as readily available as one might deserve:

-"We" consist of many names, in many countries. We are separated, yet united.
-"We" work for the Economy of Dream, and fight against the Economic Prison.
-"We" recognize divinity as being the Human Imagination, and all that it had spawned.
-This does not constitute all that which is Imagined is Unreal within Experience.
-"We" work for the Total Liberation of Autonomous Individuals.
-"We" are you, "You" are us, and we are everywhere at once.
-Inspiration is a key which unlocks that which was already open.
-You are welcome to join us, the string in the labyrinth has been offered, and those who will delve, will delve.

Our Lives Shall be Transformed by Our Lives

We wish you Luck, and above all, Joy


The hand that had written these words does not exist.

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Re: Welcome to the Rabbit Hole (Repost from DBL)
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2015, 09:42:37 am »

Such an awesome read !   Thanks for bringing that back here.
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Re: Welcome to the Rabbit Hole (Repost from DBL)
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2015, 11:26:11 pm »

Posting this to the FB group. ^^
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