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Black Trigag Working Group

Started by Maelhavok, May 12, 2015, 09:13:19 AM

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I'm putting together a Working Group focusing on working with Black Trigag. It will be pretty exhaustive, and by that I mean it will require quite a bit of hard work and commitment.

The ultimate goal of the Working Group is both self-improvement and achieving a level of mastery over the Self which can then be extended outwards to the world around them.

This group will chiefly be working with the inward personal aspect of the Consuming King. There will be a combination of physical exercise requirements, studying, and intensive journaling that will be held accountable by all member sof the group itself. There will be a martial element and each member will be required to either take up a martial art or a structured training course for a single archaic hand to hand weapon of their choice.

I won't sugar-coat anything. This will not be "fun" in any traditional sense of the word. It will, in fact, be Work. HARD Work. We will face our demons, and we will conquer them. I will ask nothing of anyone who takes part that I do not ask of myself.

If you are interested, let me know here. We will all hold each other to full transparency and accountability.

Once I have eight dedicated parties aside from myself, we will begin mutually working out a schedule and syllabus.
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