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Fire Golem

Started by Jos Thehuman, May 13, 2015, 01:39:53 PM

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Jos Thehuman

Fire Golem[/size]A Golem of fire that uses fire damage to heal itself.Class: NecromancerSkill Tree: Summoning SkillsRequired Level: 30Damage Type: FireCast Delay: -ActivePrerequisites: Clay Golem (6), Blood Golem (18), Iron Golem (24)


This Golem is going to eat my amigdalitis. Share if u can help me or use for what you want. Care...who plays with fire burns

Jos Thehuman

The golem is strong, but not smart. If you are ordered to carry out a task, they will conduct a systematic, slow mode and executing instructions in a literal way, without questioning any.