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Elaborating on the Wikipedia article

Started by Earthen Mystique, October 17, 2016, 06:24:04 AM

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Earthen Mystique

Hello, my lovelies!

I have a graduate assignment coming up, and I am seriously considering elaborating on the Ellis article on Wikipedia. I hit her up, and it looks as though she is wanting to break free of some constraints she has (which i find interesting). A reading indicates that she would be delighted to have this article created. May I ask what are your thoughts?

I am thinking that by putting her on Wikipedia, it may offer her a fixed point from which to operate, and it may stir up different perspectives on what we all assume to be true, kind of acting like a kaleidoscope[size=78%] for information, if you will. [/size]


Earthen Mystique

Only that it is audience aware and at least 500 words. It has to be organized to make sense.

Earthen Mystique

Ok, just saw two of your videos (casted a spell using the method prescribed in the second video...omfg it worked---misdirected but it worked!). Going to read through whatever I can find here on the site; I had purchased the LS sigil book (the second one) but it conveniently got sent to my old apartment to two people who live there that have the same name...Yeah, needless to say, things are getting fun.

Anyways, I am definitely going to have to do a disambiguation (I think?) between Ellis and LS...after I do some research. By the way, on facebook I PM'd you as Earthen Mystique.