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Proposal for Chelseanacht 2016

Started by Maelhavok, August 06, 2015, 12:18:02 PM

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This past Chelseanacht I and several others in the D.K.M.U. took part in a series of "inward focusing" rites geared towards utilizing the D.K.M.U. godforms as a coherent pathway to initiations. Turning shit to gold, as Ahavah would put it.

I would like to propose a long-term Pathworking culminating on midnight, Saturday,  July 16th 2016. What I want to do is slowly (over the course of the next year) build and store a Magickal "charge" and then "detonate" it on that date across the world. (Or at least across the world as far as the D.K.M.U. can reach. ) I have a rough sketch for a series of Workings that will build towards a single mass-timed operation over several months.

It will be a large-scale exhaustive work that will require a large degree of cooperation and coordination. I honestly don't anticipate many will be willing to commit to the process, but I thought I'd put the request in here first. If anyone is interested, message me at and we can discuss particulars.

(I don't want to lay the whole process out publicly , to be honest. Not everyone is going to agree with my methods or even goals and I'd just as soon get to know everyone who wants to take part a little better before I go throwing them my long-term plans.)
"Wind, fire, that kind of thing..."

Ahavah Ain Soph

Let me know what's up. I'll likely be down, but I have some things I'm working with Alex dealing with results from this year. There's some crazy shit happening in our lives and in relation to this group. We'll post an update privately for the NOLA Operation 531 group.