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About "Social Justice Warriors"?

Started by Order's Bane, August 29, 2015, 01:42:12 AM

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Order's Bane

Do you think those waves of people that they call "Social Justice Warriors" are part of the effect of Ellis' influence or another entropic being like Discordian/Eris? We have never seen a war against/challenge on order/unnecessary or old social norms and tradition on this scale since the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s-1970s. This time not needing anybody to lead it, the chaos/entropy is just delicious. Very aggressive attack on social norms and any social hierarchy establishment attempts. Wonder when it will reach the economic and union platforms to a point where they will become militant again if this is an entropy/khaos wave? Will we get more entropy/chaos soon? If so I hope to see it in a more literal irl form.

Some think they might even reach the otherkin platform.

Frater Theodbald

I think they're just entitled brats, victims of ideology.
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Order's Bane

Quote from: Frater Theodbald on November 16, 2015, 10:57:46 PM
I think they're just entitled brats, victims of ideology.
But when you look closely they are about smashing humanity's perception of "reality" and traditions. Its actually pretty fun and interesting. To tear apart reality as this movement claims wouldn't you have to try to destroy perception of it too?


We're all about smashing Reality and challenging perceptual norms until someone actually, you know, DOES it.
"Wind, fire, that kind of thing..."


They tend to be passive aggressive and expect everyone to cater to their feelings to the point of impinging on free speech. At their worst, they just want a different kind of conformity. The conservative reaction is "real talk", which is a badly disguised way of putting forth your assumptions/agenda as if it doesn't need to be justified. Both sides believe themselves. Hating the waves rolling off tumblr for what they are seems fashionable; I just see waves and am glad.

You have no idea how many Jesuses I are.


Are we talking about the Socially Conscious, or are we talking about the Internet pejorative, referring to a vocal, radical minority of strawmen?

If it is the former, then that is dubious. Socially Conscious movements predate Ellisian works, as OP has described in their post. However, it is possible we can work in tandem with these movements. The Enemy (socially conscious) of my Enemy (Capitalist, White, Hetero-Patriarchy [aka "Status Quo"]) is my Ally. We would be wise to tap into such energy, fervor, entropy, disillusionment and anger such that we can form symbiotic Khaos.
If we are talking about the pejorative depiction of that unfortunate band of strawmen, whose only goal is a smear campaign on movements aimed towards the acknowledgement of the dignity of an individual in the face of an oppressive Status Quo, then no. They mock at Chaos, when the confusion they sow only serves to uphold their petty little "consensual reality".

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I see two main parts to the LS.

That which penetrates (the S) and that which is penetrated (the L).

I believe the Social Justice Warriors are sitting firmly on an L somewhere. They've noticed their consensus reality cracking and are demanding that the, "authorities," do something about all of this injustice.

They were supposed to grow up in a world that had been made, "fair," and, "equitable," by their parents.

Soon the L they rest upon will crack even further and these SJW's will be lost and have nothing (belief wise) to cling to.

I think LS could be an amazing tool to help these people believe in something after the world they believed in shatters.

And oh yes the second law of thermodynamics has guaranteed that the shattering IS going to happen.
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