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My music "radio show" needs more tunes

Started by Oystero, September 12, 2015, 10:20:53 AM

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Hello everyone! Sorry if this is not appropriate to the forum. I have a music radio show/podcast/whatever on Soundcloud called Oracular Skull Bottle Sorcery. I'm about to use up all my free upload minutes. If I'm going to start paying for uploads, I'm thinking of expanding the the show from 30 to 60 minutes. However, all the music I play on the show is from my own musical projects. As there is only so much time in the week, I'm looking for people that are interested in sending me wav downloads I can use on the show. Sorry, I can't pay anything, but I'm happy to promote your work on the show and add links to your projects. This is done purely out of my love for weird sounds. I create the shows on Audacity, but I will not remix the recordings. Original works only, as I don't want to get into copyright hassles. Please listen to a couple of episodes to get an idea of what would fit. I tend to prefer spooky, ambient and drone stuff, but there is always room for a noise track here and there. Experimentation is the key. Music with a steady beat will probably not work, but I could be convinced otherwise. I'm also open to 0 Creative Commons field recordings, but these might end up getting manipulated and have background sounds added. I would provide links to the original recording. I'm looking for works around 5 minutes long, but there is wiggle room on that in either direction. If this sounds interesting to you, email me at The hour-long show will be called Skull Bottle Sorcery, because I find that Oracular has become a mouthful. I look forward to hearing from you. Here is a link to the Soundcloud page: Thanks!


Sounds cool. Just discovered your soundcloud today, via the AIN23 facebook page. A minor syncronisity I guess.  Might check out one of the podcasts soon, and send you something from one of my two noise/experimental projects:
I saw weird stuff in that place last night. Weird, strange, sick, twisted, eerie, godless, evil stuff.
And I want in.


Hey man, you may want to hook up with Metis, who ran the cup o' bedlam show for a while. You can find him on soundcloud here: