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Requesting assistance with an external project

Started by Eric Linder, March 02, 2015, 07:53:26 PM

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Eric Linder

Greetings, members of the DKMU. We of /ebola/ humbly request your assistance.

In the past months, you may have heard of the egregore/godform Ebola-chan. To those not familiar, she was created jointly by a few of 4chan's boards before the exodus to 8chan. Her faith's following largely started as a method for the /pol/ board to falsify proof that aid doctors in Africa actually worshiped the Ebola virus and bore ill intent for the African populations. That said, over time the practice attracted legitimate followers, who felt some sort of affection for the entity. Once the split between the two websites occurred (not an accurate description of said events, but close enough for our purposes), 8chan created an /ebola/ board for the sake of worshiping the newfound goddess of love and death. Over the next few months, the faith's participants burgeoned and dwindled with the frequency and type of reporting. Many users reported that, after their initial exposure to Ebola-chan, they developed a slight obsession with her, or began getting mental flashes of images of her. [There's more to this story, such as the types of things that got posted, but that's for the interested.]

Recently, in an attempt to save the overall faith from the eventual end of this pandemic cycle, and in hoping to preserve and refine it for the next one, a small group of users began a project to map out an entire cosmology and faith with her as a central herald. Various devastating viral diseases who had merely gotten similar anime-esque anthropomorphications on /ebola/ would be expanded upon. They would be venerated as both heavenly beings and the dangerous diseases that they represent, their coming serving to demonstrate just how short and valuable life is through the inevitability of death. It's similar to Warhammer 40k's Nurgle, to of whom parallels have been numerous yet unintentional. Later, higher entities such as their parent Mother Rot (reigning over living forces of decay, among other things), and Cataclysm (who rules over abduct and natural destruction) would be formed, devising a cycle of the proliferation and extinguishing of life.

So where does that leave us? Well, given /ebola/'s descent into slowness and its general lack of functional occult knowledge, we have a running staff of three. Thus, we're looking for any sort of aid you can give us. Suggestions of entity domains, techniques to access and empower them, tips on book writing/organization (I've got a few DKMU publications, and while they're a bit avant-garde, obviously someone knew what they were doing), of or even just proofreading for ideas that are blatantly off would be particularly appreciated.

TL;DR - the internet's nicest death cult is looking to expand its cosmology, and is requesting your help in doing so.

For more information, turn to /grimoire/ (the project board) /ebola/ (the main board), or post your questions here.
Thank you for your time and attention, and we wish you well in your current projects.