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Author Topic: Draft of Personal Banishing Ritual Utilizing DKMU Operation 531  (Read 1436 times)


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Draft of Personal Banishing Ritual Utilizing DKMU Operation 531
« on: November 11, 2016, 12:31:14 am »

A rough draft of a simple personal banishing ritual built around concepts of the Linking Sigil and Operation 531. Meditation is used for initial grounding, chakra visualization is used for body awareness, a perimiter is described which incorporates fun hand motions and the sigil in the four cardinal directions, and an incantation connects above with below and evokes imagery of the L.S. and 531, while also incorporating fun hand motions. To close at the end of your business, the geometry of the perimeter is untraced in reverse, and the sigils are dispelled with a resounding clap and a spoken word. The closing ends with unvisualization of the chakras and meditation for grounding.

1) Sit and meditate until grounded.
2) Visualize the chakras as glowing balls of light within the body, following the colors of the rainbow from red at the root to violet at the crown.
3) Starting at the root and working upward, visualize the chakras glowing brighter and larger as they begin to spin counterclockwise faster and faster.
4) Stand.
5) Allow the lights to grow and merge with each other, into a white light surrounding and permeating the body.

1) Begin facing east or toward a window or exit.
2) Point the forefinger and middle finger of both hands forward, the right one about two to four feet below the left (based on preference.)
3) Rotate the fingers counterclockwise tracing a square until the fingers have changed places.
4) Rotate the fingers clockwise now, tracing a circle inside the square, touching its edges.
5) Lower the left hand. With the right fingers, draw the linking sigil inside the circle.
6) Turning counterclockwise, repeat steps 2-5 for each cardinal direction.
7) Return to facing east, with hands at sides.
8) Speak the incantation while following the hand gestures:

And upon this mark, (hands cupped)
I unite the worlds (hands pressed together)
Beneath the golden sun. (hands raised)
The sigil beside me, (hands reaching to the sides)
Empower and guide me, (hands on chest)
Five, three, one. (digits drawn in the air with right fingers, on top of the east facing sigil)

9) Perform your work.

1) Begin facing east (or same direction as opening).
2) Perform steps 2-7 from the opening, excluding 5, but reverse all directions of motion. (Counterclockwise becomes clockwise etc.) Erase the shapes from earlier as you trace over them in reverse.
3) While facing east, flex outward and bring hands apart.
4) Speak "Ausschalten", and then immediately clap hands together forcefully. (German, def: to turn off, to eliminate)
5) Visualize the sigils exploding outward and disintegrating.
6) Visualize that the area has returned to normal. (Unless the goal was to change the energy of the area.)

1) Visualize the white light fading inward as the chakras slow down and shrink to their original size and luminosity one at a time, working downward starting from the crown.
2) Cease visualizing the chakras.
3) Sit and meditate until grounded.
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