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First attempt at sigil magick

Started by sirrus dundle, February 24, 2016, 06:26:15 PM

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sirrus dundle

I am new to this, and I was probably jumping the gun even attempting something like this.


I thought I would try it to lessen the severity of the recent east coast blizzard, at least in my immediate area. Weather magick is probably a whole different field, but there it is. I made a sigil out of the letters of my request on paper, and tried to remember its form. It looked something like wind and water being diverted or neutralized by a stronger, but more static, force. Then I tried to figure out a way to get it to the powers responsible. I thought it was probably a request that had something to do with the elements of water, or possibly air. I decided to take a chance on the former, and took the piece of paper out to the drainage pond on the campus at work. It was already very cold and the pond was frozen over, so I had to find a weak spot in the ice and break through. Then I slowly dissolved the paper into the pond water. I went back inside, trying to remember and concentrate on the sigil.

If you followed the weather news, you know we did get gobsmacked by the blizzard. But my main concern--losing electric power--never occurred for us, and occurred hardly at all in the area. And for such a huge and unprecedented amount of snow, there were few serious disruptions. I can't really say it worked, but I can't really say it didn't either... Thoughts?


If your framing it as a request, might try throwing in an offering or some kind of payment.

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