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Zalty: the saltiest ole dog of the seas

Started by Drakonach, May 01, 2013, 08:04:11 PM

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I'm creating this thread for all things related to Zalty, both Yung and Ole and all aspects in between.
Share and post experiences, transmissions, salty ole psalms, or even how you work with him.

Got some things coming down lines from me related to the Saltiest Ole Dog of the Seas..
Just gotta put them in an order of sorts.

Tara Flower

I had an experience with Zalty but I have no idea how people will react who are experienced with the DKMU godforms. They might think my mind pulled him out and stretched him until he is no longer recognisable.
Anyway what happened was, I had only just started reading your works online and I came across a meditation where you breathe in white chi and breathe out black chi. So I began to do this meditation, and soon  I felt I had to open the window to let the white chi in because it was coming from the ocean. After I opened the window Zalty started speaking to me in my mind. He described the way in which, when people do a ritual with him,  he goes through a drama in his mind in which he is the salty old fisherman telling stories in the pub. He said at the end of the evening  in his drama he pulls the barmaid. But if he follows one of the women home after the ritual she isn't aware of him and doesn't realise he wants her to be the barmaid. I've been interested in incubi and succubi for a long time and that must be why he thought I could help, but I couldn't think of any suggestions because well- he isn't the same kind of creature as them is he?

Now shoot me for saying this!

Homer K Blua

I evoked Zalty last night it was my first real evocation ... I have done evocation of state entities out of the book brain magick.. But this was quite different ... I did not evoke to physical appearance but astrally it was very powerful... I asked him to give me guidance in dealing with the dkmu god forms unfortunately I fell asleep trying to jornal and lost most of the details ... : /

Tara Flower

I did rituals for Zalty on 12 and 13 January because they were his days in the marathon. Couldn't manage to swallow much rum, it tastes very firy, but as I said on the Facebook group the design on the label had the LS sigil in it, which was epic. I'm happy to be the barmaid for Zalty as well!  He's really likeable. But I shan't be doing it very often because I've got other rituals I practise.

Tara Flower

I notice that someone on our FB group connected Zalty with 'Wenches and Mead', so I was right about him back in December after all, it wasn't my mind changing him into something else. He was playing on my sympathy when he said no-one would come home with him to make sure that I did: I expect a lot of other women do it as well.

Look what I've done to your thread Drak, you will have to check on it more often.

Edit: added comment : I have now noted that Zalty is more often seen as a pirate than a fisherman. Cheeky old bandit!

Agent M

Me during the Zalty week of our current godform cycle.

On a boat.

On Loch Ness.

Details to come...
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