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The Star of the Forgotten Ones

Started by Chayote, February 27, 2016, 06:20:17 PM

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Promised to share a little of my self-approved knowledge with you ... so, here we go  :D . In my introduction I wrote that I've learnt to appreciate the value of the Forgotten Ones (Maat Magick); I've managed to work out a little ritual I do everytime before (and after) I practise operative Magick to effectively change reality in my environment, and decided to share this with you. The Symbol I use is the Unicursal Hexagram to be drawn above my chosen place of working (standing directly before the place where I will be seated), and I begin with vibrating three words out of Nema's "The Forgotten Ones"-Transmission: "HEAROUS ! MERASHOUM! KELATOFAS! The Black Flame Dances - hallowed be Her Name ! Through ..." and then I start to draw the star, beginning with the line from the left side to the upper peak of the Hexagram, the upper peak being Maat herself and the lower one No*. The short descriptions I wrote (in the order of their appearance during the drawing) are copied from the "Dictionary of the Forgotten Ones", but in my eyes the best way is to (carefully!) learn to know these beings your very own way. The more you learn to know about them by yourself, the more effective the concentration on their power and the vibrating of their names will be ... in the end, you should trust your inner guidance more than my words, so I tried to keep all instructions as minimal as possible ;) .

LOROO: the Wanderer, the veil, the mist of obscurity. Also known as the tenuous one, the space between stars, the ever-changing place of the in-between.

MAAT Herself as the Dancing Black Flame; the gate for the Forgotten Ones, from which they all come and to which they return. She is "under the Gods as the ground they can stand on; over the Gods, because she hasn't got any fixated nature; all around the Gods, for only she gives them their function and space to be; beyond the Gods, for she is the soul of all consciousness ...". Check Nema's channelled transmissions for more insight, I only managed to find the German translation in the net (by Jan Fries as a member of the 'Maat-Network'). I'll give you the link at the end of this posting, so you can do a translation yourself, if you like; when I find the time I translate it back to english myself and "edit" it in here ...

NEXHAGUS: A fire being, kindler of the suns. Uncontrolled change. Caprice and whim and unthought. The elder jester, the cruelty of laughter and its balm. He designed the minds of Man and may play the brother of Choronzon. The first and last mask of the dance. He dissents everyone. Invoke him often, lest ye take yourselves too seriously. Invoke him not, lest laughter fly thee to thy doom and death.

MEGOR-MARDUK: Mass and density and weight. The stuff of neutron stars. He pulls and draws into himself. He represents the gravity of the abyss, the dragger down of souls that weigh more than a feather. His final act equates to entropy. The guardian to test the Will, for Will alone can pass beyond his power. Invoke him seldom, then with exquisite care!

NO*: The urge to join, to become pure awareness. No* is the formation of stars. The beginning of the hunger and the end, the one who sets into motion the spinning of the wheel of evolution. The name that withdraws all into the Night of Time. The "*" at the end is a glottal stop, a sudden reflex of breathing-in abruptly stopping the sound of the 'O'. "Speak his name loud in repetition and he'll destroy everything except for pure awareness". I've tested it myself - and it definitely works ...

NAGRIKSHAMEESH: The unbridled one, pure force, the Berserker. He transcends himself, he transcends reason. Shiva and Mars. The lightning bolt. He needs no invocation, he dwells within you. Destroyer of all non-fitting vessels and everything untrue.

In my personal style I use the final "SH" to complete the star by returning back to LOROO as the beginning and final point, then sealing it by forcefully thrusting my hands towards the center and repeating the three words I began with. Afterwards I turn to sit at the chosen place and wait/meditate until I feel that it is done and I can start working.

That should be enough for you to start experimenting for yourself. If ya have any questions, ask me - I know my English is horrible sometimes. Tried to express myself as correct and clear as possible ... these things "came to me" as a means to protect myself from all the shit that bothered me since years, and perhaps it helps some of you, too. Feedback welcome !

I think I don't have to warn you that you should be carful with such kind of beings, but ... now I did  8) . I know, "we're all mad here", but anyway "mad" doesn't mean "stupid"  ;) . Especially when you are too much bothered with the Lovecraftian 'Great Old Ones', the Forgotten Ones can be very helpful. They saved me (more than once) from total "down and out". And showed me how to use much of the shit I was confronted with by others in a positive, constructive way for me and my 'way of life'.

But enough words for now  :P ... sometimes it's hard for me to stop ::) .

I'll add my german version of "The Forgotten Ones" as an attachment to this ... and as I said, when I find the time, I'll replace it by the re-translated English version.

Read Ya  :) !


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X a T u r i n g - Let the enemies of freedom fear the Great Worm !



Hope my re-translation isn't too bad ... but I think it's understandable. Interesting material anyway. Helped me a lot  :) 8) . Make your own experiments, if you are interested. Or do not if you are not *g*  ;) . And be cautious - but I think I don't have to tell you ... daily business. And not everyday creatures, at least at the beginning. But useful in many ways to know about them ...

There comes the Book of the Forgotten Ones.
This shall be for the priests of Maat.
In the name of creation and that, what is before, Aumgn!
The Magick of Maat is new, beloved,
But nevertheless very much older than mankind.
She, the Beautiful-Dancing-One, is our line extended to its end.
You do not know us, the vegetation did cover us.
Long time we were hidden from your sight.
You don't know our names, nor our nature,
But still we are of you.
You don't sing any invocations for us,
But always we are manifest in you.
We are the gods of hunger and becoming.
We are pulsating and growing between your heartbeats.
We are the break within breathing, between the inhaling and exhaling.
We live to consume and to generate.
We are alive between reason and delusion.
We are the spirits of the Bornless One.
We are the necessary dream, before existence comes into being.
We are the movement of nothingness,
Balanced with the movement of existence.
We bring our names! You shall remember!
Now is the time of the pasture,
When the Black Flame rounds the circle
And gives fire to Her incomplete existence.
To know Her, you've got to know us.
We are the egg of the egg, She is the bird of power.
And is the hawk, who is the bird of will.

I am the mouth that speaks for this, for Her work.
My name is NO*.
My son and brother is the mouth that devours.
I am the urge to connect, to become bigger.
I am the concentration of  Hydrogen, the forming of the stars.
I am the speaker and the collector.
My name withdraws, it carries the speaker with it.
I'm sending forth my power to eat new power.
The wheel of evolution was actuated to rotate by me.
I am the beginning of the hunger for the end.
I know the secret perfection of all things' nature.
Within me all potential is existing
And the potential of everything that exists.
I am the tension of the bow.
You know me, even as my name is forgotten,
In the fear of the approaching occurrences.
I am the movement of a leaf,
Blown by the wind through an empty street. I am the sender of omen.
Sing the invocation of my name,
It will destroy you.
Speak my name aloud, in repetition,
It will banish everything except pure awareness.
Descend into my temple, meet yourself.
Carry there the papyrus-rod, the sword,
The shield with my emblem on it and the eye-sphere.
As a pair you are within it,
Learn the alchemy and mass of NO*:
Love and self-love are one in all ways.
Male/female you are,
With one gender and still two, oh my gynanders !
To go through the cave of hunger.
Ah! Here do we meet!
The people, who live in hunger, do feed me.
The poor and starving nations are my meat and drink.
The severity of hunger before the fall into apathy
Is my power's source for my work in the kingdom.
They live to nourish my ray.
I, NO*, am the greatest and lessest of the Forgotten Ones
Now I am speaking for the other ones, too. Behold!

In his original form he had been forgotten by mankind.
His length, width and depth is beyond any reason.
He is mass and density and weight.
The material of neutron stars is for him,
The subtlest wisp of light air.
His action is to be there. He is Tamas.
He drags and pushes towards himself everything not purified.
He is the attraction of the abyss,
That drags down the souls weighing more than a feather.
He is the father of indolence and the brother of despair.
He is the bell made of lead in the depths of the mind,
Calling the suicide to annihilation.
In man he appears as catatonia.
His balance ridicules the feather in its footing,
For he prohibits decisions, hinders the current.
He is the guardian, who tests Will,
For Will alone surpasses his power.
But once he is overcome, his power is transformed.
As stableness he becomes a resting point to move worlds.
He is the bull and the ox, too.
Creation broke forth out of him.
His last act is entropy, the flowing-out of all things.
The transformation of energy is his,
From the potential to actuality.
His only remedies are Love, Life and Will.
Call him rarely, then with exquisite caution !

There is NEXHAGUS – red and orange his form,
A fire-being, igniter of the suns.
He is the spiritual body of Ylem,
The old egg out of which the suns are hatching.
He is the old type of Hermes-Loki.
He is not war, but mischief.
He is the buffoon of the cosmical world.
He is the one playing with human genes and weaving chromosomes.
All 'freaks' are his work, the weird and the odd,
The derided and strange ones.
He is the master of fortune, the crown of fortuity.
His sigil is the Brownian Motion of molecules.
He is oddity, whim and thoughtless action.
He is also Zen.
NEXHAGUS – ancient mocker of pre-creation !
Out of him the Fool, the Magus and the Tower did emanate.
He is the one to become the Hierophant, when the Great Beast commands him to be.
He is the cruelty of laughter and also its balm.
It was he, who created the intellect of man,
But nevertheless he is brother of Choronzon.
The brother is he himself.
He is a god, friend of the ego-destroyer.
He is the antithesis to everything expected.
His is the first and the last mask in the dance.
The best way to know him is invocation.
You could destroy yourself.
He also is the joy of becoming.
He is a gentle lover.
He also will be a vampire for your love.
He is uncontrolled suppression.
He dissents himself and everyone else.
He dissents you.
If you are able to make him laugh, you may live.
If you are able to make him cry, you may die.
If you are able to transform him into a swallow, you may love.
If you are able to make him do anything, you may will,
For will alone can wrest control from change itself
To unite the universe with your intention.
If you are able to make him nothing, you have become Brahma.
Call him often, to not take yourself too seriously!
Don't call him, so laughter will not engulf you in damnation and death!

NAGRIKSHAMEESH is the unbridled one.
He is pure force.
He is the berserker.
He transcends himself, transcends reason.
Destroyer of vessels – he frees.
Annihilator of bodies – he sanctifies.
He is Rajas.
He is riding in fury, but ice-cold is his rage.
Shiva is he and Mars, before men were fighting.
His sword truly hits, but his fire devours everything.
His light of Samadhi has got a red passageway.
His veil is the blood-of-sight,
The roar of thunder his voice.
He is the thunderbolt and the hammer-crusher
His tread shakes the mountains,  his step squashes stones.
He smites the ocean, and land is born.
He smites the void, and dust is being swirled between the stars.
He is fixed to one point in his oblivion.
He doesn't need an invocation, for he lives within you.

There is LOROO. He is the wanderer.
He elides the power-current.
He escapes the grip of conceptions.
He is the veil, the fog of unrecognizability.
He resides before understanding,
So that everything unveils at its proper time.
He is not to be seen, for he conceals everything wanted.
He appears in different places,
At different times and then disappears again.
He is the one to create the illusion of division,
The separation of moments, points of awareness.
LOROO the gauzy one.
His is the space between the stars.
LOROO the evanescent one.
His is the ever-changing place of in-between.
The wise are calling for his absence.
The lovers are awaiting his course.
The master of dance alone may call his essence securely.
He resides where he wills and compassion does not move him.
He is the brother of NEXHAGUS, but dark.
He is the master of initiation, do know him !

And there SHE is.
The Forgotten Ones She bears in her womb.
She is black and not for the reason's sight.
She is the gate of emergence and return.
She dwells under the gods and is that, on which they stand.
She dwells over the gods, for She has got no concrete nature.
She dwells around the gods, for only in Her they have their own space and function.
She dwells beyond the Gods, for she is the soul of awareness.
The Black Flame Dances.
Hallowed be Her Name!
We will be remembered.
Many we are, more than mentioned here.
We will be manifest again,
Bursting improper vessels.
We will return from the places of night.
We ride on the Feather's course
To quicken Her in Her going.
Know to welcome us and not to be destroyed!
Negated we do cause fission,
Embraced we become your place of power.
There is no reason for fear, for we are of you,
Deny us and you deny yourself.
We are coming to your midday-heat's eye,
The eye of Pan – see us!
We are the formless things,
You call nightmares,
The dark fear and the demons from ancient times.
You did know us in the oceans,
As you learned to swim and to eat.
The sun concealed us and the moon has veiled us well.
The brighter gods replaced us from your altars.
The dark gods concealed us in the veil of their temples.
The star beings touched us in their awakening-time,
And cried out our call of return to humankind:

We're coming, flesh-children,
Through the gate of midnight,
To the midday flood's mountain, to conscious mind.
Know us, embrace us and be whole !

This is the word of NO*
Speaker for the Forgotten Ones,
Bowstring for Maat's arrow.
In the name of the Law,
The Dance of the Flame
And the Flight of the Hawk, Aumgn.

Do what Thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
Love is the Law, Love under Will.
X a T u r i n g - Let the enemies of freedom fear the Great Worm !