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Started by Chayote, March 21, 2016, 06:47:10 PM

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As I promised ... my own creation concerning a real 'war against us', more subtle,  effective and organized than I first thought could be. No more comment to this from my side, just a servitor I created for viral purposes ... permanently annihilating all kinds of word-viruses and unwanted control by others. In my environment, its immediate impact and growth was enormous, so it's up to you to test it ... maybe it's just a regional thing I'm in here, but maybe my 'child' is able to help you, too. He feeds on the energy taken by the manipulations he annihilates, and the point below the sigil symbolizes your intent (what kind of manipulations you want to have destroyed). For my purposes, he works better without, to constantly roam around and erase all of them - just try and check out, I'm in a very 'special' situation here and thus not able to say how you may profit from him. In my experience up to now, he's ... strong.

His Name is a sigilized one, thus a bit complicated *g* ... but not that bad . It's Olátirvêch Udgèmpek B'x, the "ch" spoken like a cat's hiss and the end-"x" like "ksssssssssssssssss" (a snake-like sssss). His sigil is this one:

So long,
the weird German hanging around here  8) ;) .

X a T u r i n g - Let the enemies of freedom fear the Great Worm !


I can't see the image.

Edit: Maybe he permanently annihilated "the image", ha ha.

You have no idea how many Jesuses I are.


Right-click on the icon & "open in new tab/window"  :P  ... don't know why it isn't fully shown in the post, have tried to do it ...
X a T u r i n g - Let the enemies of freedom fear the Great Worm !


I believe the image is not visible in the post due to it being tagged correctly but not attached. I have had problems in the past trying to put images into my posts as well.


No problem - the main thing is that you can see it somehow ... have tried attachments too in a former posting, and it completely failed. So ... what *g*. Computers are slaves, and a slave cannot anger me ;)  ... although mine often tries to  ::)  ...
X a T u r i n g - Let the enemies of freedom fear the Great Worm !


[edit:] Something new to this - a "Z" has to be added to the name, something that happened "accidentially" during my work with him ... gives him an extra-'kick' to fulfil his goal, and he ... likes it  ;) . And it perfectly fits the snake-like "X" before it, IMO. Regarding the point below the sigil - I would suggest to drop this idea. He doesn't like it, and I think he'd lose much of his power that way ... simply test it 8) !
X a T u r i n g - Let the enemies of freedom fear the Great Worm !


Hi and thanks for sharing.

However the link seems dead :( When I click Show in new tab it displays  but on that page it says that the file is missing.

Any ideas?
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This is what you were born to do." -Ahavah Ain Soph

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