(NSFW) Demon Play: An Introduction to Evoking the Fragmentation of Self

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The following article is rated "NSA" - or Not Safe for Absolutely Anyone. Read at your own peril.

BDSM related.

The following background section is provided so that you may understand the historical context, and the ideas that lead into the practice of Demon Play. This is intended to provide a brief overview, only, and links herein are provided to give a starting point if the reader wishes to study the following, but in significantly more detail. If the reader posses strong faith, regarding religion or spirituality, it would be in their best interest to skip the following section, 'background,' as it describes the history of practices which most, if not all, religions would find both disturbing and heretical.

Please let me know immediately if there are any inaccuracies. Sources are referenced, but the following is largely based upon the memory of books and conversations that may have occurred more than a decade ago:

(NSA) Demon Play:  An Introduction to Evoking the Fragmentation of Self

BackgroundDeity Play, as described so well previously in other posts, is a practice originating in Vajrayāna [1] Buddhism, most commonly, somewhat erroneously, refereed to as 'Tantra'. The practices known to the western world would be considered what roughly translates to the "Left Hand Path", in that they are generally are undertaken alone or without the supervision of a more experienced Vajrayāna practitioner or monk. All practice of these techniques of deity invocation and union are considered extremely dangerous and foolhardy under Vajrayāna traditions, without the presence of a formally trained mentor. [/font]

The ultimate goal of Vajrayāna techniques is to achieve the union of opposites - genders, ideas, minds themselves - into a single, unified whole. Thus, when the illusion of separation (maya) is removed, enlightenment is striven for by the slow shedding of the multiple layers of false self, or ego. This is very similar to western traditions that, likewise, believe the end result of spiritual activity, too, is to remove the layers of ego and unify all opposites into a single, unbroken whole. In the Western Traditions, this, conceptually, is broken down into a tree - the bottom of which being named "Malkuth" and standing as the representation for the material world in which we live; while at the top stands "Kether", or crown, which represents the unified whole from which all of creation originally sprung. These concepts are described in a practice known as "Kabbalah"[2], which is an offshoot of the Abrahamatic Kabbalism, as known in Judaism.

However, an alternate version of this practice has begun to take root in the human psyche. And, while the traditional practices, such as Deity Play, are direct descends of practices that date back hundreds, if not thousands of years, these newer, opposite versions are (so far as public knowledge) unique to the 20th century and beyond, and even still are evolving and growing.

The Qliphoth was first described in the 20th century, as an attempt to answer the question how, 'if God's design is perfect, then how did evil come into this world?' [3], following the events of World War II. The Qliphoth is a tree, similar to that of the Kabbalah, but yet inverted - beginning in a dark, sister world named Lilith/Thamiel and ending far below in Nehemoth. Where Kether is representation of The One, or the unified whole, Nehemoth is representative, simply, of "2". And it is thought to signify the first division that lead to the creation of the ten thousand things and Man's fall from paradise.

We shall use this concept as a basis upon which to define the type of work that we herein describe. For while Vajrayāna and Kabbalah are representative of the idea of enlightenment through unity, new practices have emerged that, rather than unity, pursue multiplicity. For, instead of working toward an expression of unity, such as is found in Kether, the practices are intended to result in the expression of a duality or, perhaps of we should say, multiplicity of selves, as represented by Nehemoth, or the number "2".

The very beginnings of this the idea moving into public thought originated, I believe, with a number of texts supposedly deciphered by one McGregor Mathers, the original texts believed to have originated some few centuries before. The primary text here, however, that relates to the subject of this article, is one entitled the "Goetia", or "The Lesser Key of Solomon the King". This book, commonly now available in .pdf form, described and instructed the reader in the summoning and the binding of demons. (It should be noted that, in renaissance times when this book was credited to have been created, it wasn't strictly forbidden to attempt the binding and enslavement of demons. There was a phrase, "Deal with the Devil, just don't Dance with the Devil" that meant, while you could attempt to use the name of God to command and coerce demons to preform tasks for you, as King Solomon was said to have done, the line would be crossed if the summoner were to sell their actual soul in their pursuit of power.)

The idea of Evocation (or the summoning of an outside agency), as opposed to the idea of Invocation (union or communion with a divine or universal consciousness), is a physical practice that strives, not toward Kether or unity with the divine, but toward a separation or division by instruction of an outside, lesser force. And, while the idea of demon summoning was known prior to the 20th century, never before had a book been widely circulated that not only described, but actually intended for its readers to conduct the summoning of actual demons. This text, along with a number of pre-existing organizations such as the Golden Dawn [4], led to the creation of writers such as Aleister Crowley and Austen Osman Spare, (And, later of course, the infamous Anton Lavey) who worked to violently shove a practice of darker ritual play into the public eye.

The Illuminati of Thanateros (IOT) [5], birthed, too, in the 20th century and following the work of Aleister Crowley and Austen Osman Spare, proposed (subsequent to their inevitable retreat) that each person, rather than consisting of one, separate whole - instead, every one of us, consists of a multiplicity of wholes. And not all of the pieces of us, that make up the whole, possess the same thoughts, the same needs, or the same desires. So far did they take this philosophy, indeed, that they proposed that the language be change to reflect "ourselves" rather than "myself" and "we" instead of "me". They subsequently went to publish a number of works that attempted to define, not the spiritual significance of this, but rather how this idea could be put into practice to increase the overall quality of life.

The dark mirror of this idea arose, not within occult communities, but rather in the works of psychiatry that were only now working to birth a new science and discipline. A psychiatric condition was identified and labeled, originally as "Multiple Personality Disorder" and later as "Dissociative Identity Disorder", that described a human mind shattered into multiple fragments, or identities, each possessing different memories, personalities, and even physical allergies[6]. This was defined as an involuntary process that was the result of childhood abuse, which later came to interfere and endanger the lives and livelihood of the victims of this condition.

But for those to whom multiple identities was a goal, as opposed to a condition, an entire body of work began to arise that described how best to create and, subsequently, use this condition. For example, one technique the IOT proposed, as published by Phil Hine (a member with a proclaimed history in more traditional British Traditional Witchcraft) was the evocation of your own demons. It was described that, if a person can name each of the demons that 'haunt' them - lust, gluttony, hate, etc - that person could then claim power over these less desirable traits and make their vices work for their own benefit, instead of against them. The intent in this practice was to so fully understand the psychological forces that these 'demons' represented, that the conscious mind could choose to shape or change how these forces effected their thoughts and/or actions.

A number of offshoots of this organization developed, following IOT's published work and the infamous "Ice Wars" (which, in practice, were more of a bitch-fight than an actual conflict). Among which being the practice of "Chaos Magic" (Now more commonly refereed simply refereed to as 'Magick,' do to the widespread germination of the ideas therein), as well as various 'branches' of the IOT existing on various continents worldwide.

As the practices herein developed relate more to the idea of Nehemoth, or separation, then they relate to the eternal struggle toward unity, they have tended to have a reputation for being "Dark" or "Left Hand Path" techniques. However, as we have previously discussed, prior to the 20th century such terminology tended to relate more to those practicing spiritual rituals outside of the strict control of the organized church. This, save perhaps, for medieval Europe's description of the practice of Witchcraft - descriptions that have been found largely unsubstantiated and anecdotal by research in modern times.

Likewise, in modern times, the birth of a spirituality of multiplicity rather than duality has effected society down to a subconscious level. Urban legions have long been a measure of the fears and secret hopes of the society that birthed them, and many such legend have arisen. The organizations, heavily demonized in the public eye, that birthed and practiced the Qliphothic type traditions were often at the center of such legends - not the least of which being the Church of Satan (CoS), as well as various organizations named, or erroneously labeled, under the cover-all 'Illuminati". The best example of this arises under the label "Project Monarch"[7] which described how the CIA (Or CoS depending on the version) was acquiring young children and exposing them to terrifying stimuli, in order to produce an adult who had multiple, Dissisoiative Identities - many of which being under the complete control of the CIA. Thus, the Prime Identity went on living their life completely unaware of the horrific things they had been doing, when under programmed control.

Practice in Role Play:
The practice of this technique, here labeled "Demon Play", is herein defined as any artificial scenario constructed through methods of separating or deconstructing the personality into separate, differing parts - each of which being independent of the larger whole. This does not include standard Roleplaying activities of adopting characterizations or uniforms of movie stars or public figures, which would be categorized more under Deity, or invocation play. Examples of this type of play might include the following:

- "Lady on the streets, Whore in the sheets" (LSWS)- Perhaps the most benign form of Demon play. Where, typically a woman, is expected to conduct themselves in a refined or professional manner in public, yet in bed is expected to participate in sexual activities that may be painful, humiliating, or any combination of other factors not deemed acceptable in modern society. It is, more than the activity itself, the expectation of duel roles, i.e. "wearing Multiple Hats," that qualifies this as Demon Play. Indeed, it may seem like a possession occurs outside of the public eye, where the dominant personality is overridden by the needs of the Whore.

- "Blue Butterfly" training - This takes LSWS to a whole other, much less benign, level. Named for it's inclusion in the Project Monarch mythos [8], this type of play ranges from where, through Behavioral Psychology, hypnotherapy, or some other type of training, the a subordinate member of a group (/relationship) is trained to preform some voluntary or involuntary function on command or without thought. The smallest forms of this could be considered training to orgasm on command, or a programmed inability to deviate from an Order, despite conscious attempts to do so. Whereas, the more extreme versions of this function with the intent to program a new whole set of personality traits and behaviors that are separate from the subject's day-to-day personality, and can be brought out with a command word, or "Trigger." Likewise applicable to the brat who is forced into submission during each session.

- "Masquerade" punishments (or, my personal favorite title, "Dancing for the Winter Court") - A subordinate being forced into multiple costumes or roles, not to emulate heroes or deities, but as punishment. The key here is that the subordinate/submissive nor the society/master is particularly enamored with the resultant role, nor is it one with which the subordinate wishes to identify. Human Furniture play, starving peasant/maid, desperate hitchhiker, prostitute, etc could all be considered examples of this type of play in specific context.

- "Glamour Bombing" - A practice, usually conducted for random observers, that changes briefly how they see the world or forces a new state of awareness. The idea is to implant a new idea, hope, or ideology that will take root in the psyche - not replacing, but subtly influencing the the subjects for long after the event itself. Memes are often crafted and included with the message, in order to spread the 'bomb' beyond the point of origin. The darker version of this idea being a society/master repeating the same phrase or judgement over and over, each in a surprising or out-of-the-blue context, to bypass the conscious filter of the subject/submissive and directly implant the information as a fact. An example of this is "Good Girls have dinner ready before 5 PM", said over and over again - not as a formal rule, but just in conversation as a statement of fact. The idea being that the instruction will be internalized and subtly effect the actions of the subject, with a system of self-punishment and self-incrimination should the goal not be met. This can be used to instill hope and wonder, and yet it also may be used as gas-lighting and psychological crippling.

The purpose of Demon Play ranges anywhere from attempts to give a society/dominant increased control of a subordinate/submissive while, separately, maintaining their independent personality or lifestyle; to shattering a mind, preventing the ability of any future independence. It is therefore advised that, if practicing these techniques, they be initiated slowly and the subjects watched very closely, to reduce the chance for long-term damage.

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