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WildFire Viral Metaspell

Started by Aliga, June 15, 2016, 01:37:20 AM

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At the request of Aaron Du Nightgaunt and Arjil, here's WildFire, the Viral Metaspell. Designed to make a magickal working contagious and spread by touch. This ritual was designed by a good friend of mine who, if I'm being honest, is a cleverer spellcrafter than I am  :P

Viral Metaspell, when combined with another ritual, it will cause the magick to become contagious and spread by touch.

One person at each cardinal direction ("Witnesses" within center triangles) and one in center ("Caster" within Wild Fire seal). Each witness holds a chalice and a Contract, which they should sign (with their full/True name) ahead of time:

"As I witness
So shall I understand
As I understand
So I shall spread
As I burn this contract
I shall agree
with the ashes
I shall bathe my hands
with my hands I shall
Spread what I have seen
Till my death
or, forever's end

   x ________"
Caster speaks aloud, impressing their Will into their words:

"Witness now what I do
Witness now my vision
Witness now my wish for the world
Witness now my will
and let it be done

My witnesses spread what you see
spread my vision
spread my will
through touch of hand
to all worlds' corners
to life's end or forever's end"

Witnesses burn the contracts within the chalices and rub the ashes onto their hands. Keeping the ash on their hands, the witnesses enter the center Wild Fire seal and conduct the primary spell. Once that is finished, the center caster dismisses the Witnesses:

"My will you have seen
heed it and spread it
from now till death
or forever's end"

(It wouldn't let me attach the images, since apparently they're too big  :-\ )

Frater Theodbald

I must thank you for sharing this.  It's worth being known.
« Soyez libres !... Du jour où vous l'aurez voulu, vous aurez commencé à l'être ! »
- Éliphas Lévi


Glad to see it appreciated :) if anyone manages to put it to use I'd love to hear how it worked!