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Started by Alysyrose, April 17, 2013, 03:35:50 PM

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Welcome to the new vortex.

All programming & technical credits go to Chovexano!
Graphic design & layout by myself.

This is our weird little egg-baby.

If anyone has site suggestions, bug reports or ideas in general on how we can make this thing better, feel free. Over the next few weeks practically all prior resources, texts, art, vids & etc. should be up. 'Bout it for now. Maintain.


When you talk about building a community, you're going to have to walk a line.  On the one hand, you have to have that kind of connection with the people around you; and on the other, we cannot allow maintaining those relationships to become the entire process for its own sake.  The whole meaning behind the group gets lost behind that.

Have you noticed how nearly any small, tight knit forum wanders away from its own premise, slowly turning into a bunch of people shooting the shit?

A part of how a lot of places avoid that is a series of regular "events," revolving around the actual planned premise.  When is the last time we had something like that?  A synchronized working, a "tagging day", a day to ask participants to engage with this one godform, a ritual around a sigil pool...

Fuck it, lets make it a weekly thing.  People are often creatures of habit.  Get them habitually engaged at a particular time and day of the week, and they'll keep coming back.

Lets be honest here - it'd be useful to be able to say, "You wanna be an active member of DKMU?  Show up in chat on Tuesday nights between 8pm and 12am EST and work the magick."  Or something like that.  Hell, we can have more than one, if schedules conflict that much.


I just use forums to dump shit I can link to in a chat, lol.


edit: lol, I could just use


The input is definitely appreciated. That's certainly something to consider twice or more times.
This was historically a place to get away from the usual malaise found on other occult boards, and something that has a prime focus on "working out" in the occult sense is even more rare today. I basically just can't find it. Maybe it's just hidden, which makes sense if others are equally frustrated. We're sure they are. So this is an option in that whole mess as well.

As for using forums to dump shit, same here / guilty as charged.


I totally support the idea of weekly events -- maybe make a poll to find two or three regular times (consider timezones, we have at least europeans and americans, probably more). And maybe once a month a "tagging sunday" or so,  to go out at around the same time and shake up reaLiety as good as we can.

Also, the new site is really nicely done. Thanks for all the work in programming and organizing this, Cho and Alysy!
Too bad I didn't notice the shutdown of the old site, does anyone have any backups of it somewhere?
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