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Author Topic: An Additional Method For Linking Into Fictional Worlds  (Read 2313 times)

Frater Mendax

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An Additional Method For Linking Into Fictional Worlds
« on: August 25, 2016, 09:41:39 am »

There has been a method proposed for linking, via the LS, into fictional worlds. I have developed an additional idea for doing the same. This method is not intended to replace the previous idea, but as something else to try. . . 

Writing is a potent form of magic. It numbs credulity. It replicates easily. It persists into time. One sentence can change the world, if only the circumstances are right. Fiction is yet more potent, because it focuses the imagination. It writes deeply into the subconscious mind, and with great specificity. Here thoughtforms are created, worlds and people. Events occur in a timestream beyond our own. Yet, these events are still part of our world. We experience them again and again.
I believe that if the procedure described in this document is conducted, there is a potential for weird effects. Those effects will, hypothetically, become more remarkable as more people participate in the idea.

First step is to choose a character from within the target world.

Next, write a piece of fan fiction with that character as the protagonist. The length of the story is not necessarily that important. What matters most is that the character is portrayed with a lot of detail that closely matches the character as originally portrayed. Details should be diverse. Appearance, behavior, quirks of speech, attitudes and entertainment preferences are just a few ideas. It is also important to keep the character within its own world. Locations should be places that already exist in the original material. In short, don't try to get too creative. Just write a simple story that involves some sort of conflict which is inevitably resolved. 

Type the story up and post it to the internet. You now have a clone of the character.

Now write another story. This time, take the character deeper into the world. Go to major locations where multiple scenes have occurred. Mark the LS somewhere conspicuous.

You can try different things at this point, because this is the part where you should be creative. Maybe other characters see the sigil and want to talk about it, or do something. Your protagonist could decide to get the sigil tatooed upon her flesh--or his, or even convince other characters to do the same. It is even possible to write a story that includes the sigil as an important part of the plot. You can write a series of stories, each one a different experiment. You might even try taking your character into other story worlds and planting sigils there.

It could be helpful to establish a location in time as well. For best results, put your character into the earliest parts of the world's story. Have the character mention some major event from the original story, and then have multiple other characters respond as if they had no idea. Now every sigil planted will be stronger whenever the original material is consumed. An important character dies in the midst of a dramatic gun battle? On the wall behind him gleams the LS, planted there well before the gun battle took place. A reader might not notice it, nor a viewer, but it is there. The replay of the scene makes it stronger.

Now type this up and post it to the internet.

The more people who read the new "fan fiction" stories, the better. The planting of the sigil is visualized in mind after mind. It is not certain whether or not the reader should know the magical intent of the story. Here is another place to experiment.

Finally, it is time to try different things with regard to linking into the fictional world via the sigil. What can you draw out? What can you send in?

And now an afterword: As with so many things related to the linking sigil, this method ought to benefit from group participation. More practicioners applying the method ought to translate into more success. Not only that, though, written reports of these applications should, hypothetically, draw yet more attention, and result in more success. I encourage anyone and everyone to try this method. And I further encourage anyone and everyone to write an account of their work and to publish that writing in some form or another.

There will be practicioners who dare to write fictional accounts of having applied this method. The efficacy of fraud in this endeavor is uncertain, but it is not discouraged.

--Frater Mendax, somewhere in Spacetime




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Re: An Additional Method For Linking Into Fictional Worlds
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2016, 09:05:58 pm »

Good notion (as the originator of the fictional worlds idea)
I would, however, create a New character in that world rather than using an existing one, because people have very strong preconceived notions about existing characters, and get super pissed about cannon.   That has potential to draw negative will against your intent (not quite explicitly, but it could matter considering the strength of emotion of the people who are invested in the world as is- which could lead to failure)   
And take care to keep things as consistent as possible with the world in question.
I like this idea a lot, and stories sure as hell have power (more than many think).  I'll be interested to see what you come up with.


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Re: An Additional Method For Linking Into Fictional Worlds
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2016, 11:36:05 am »

I've had an idea similar to this brewing up for a little bit now. Is there any way to find a link to that other idea? I'm really curious as to the nature of fictional worlds.

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