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Carpool to Standing Rock week of 11/20

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Some other students and I are driving to Standing Rock, where Jay Oni and possibly some other people from the facebook plan to do a ritual. I'll probably post a sigil later for anyone who wants to input remotely. Exact dates aren't finalized, but my carpool will be driving up on the weekend of the 20th and coming back around the 26th. If you live along the route between Seattle/Portland area and the camps, and want us to pick you up, or have supplies to donate, post here or message me.


What locality is this in? I doubt it's near me, but any chance to meet and greet, and socialize would be excellent.


Lol, news fasting I assume? The camps are on the border of North and South Dakota. Are you in the US?

Was then but also where it was coming out of/originating. I gotchya at this point but...heh...

We're travelling from near Seattle and Portland in the Northwest.


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