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What is your Great Work?

Started by Seisatsu, November 12, 2016, 06:08:06 PM

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If you have one and it's not a private thing, what is your Great Work? Your ultimate goal for using magic which you hope to some day achieve.

My ultimate goal is still nebulous, but I hope to make the world a more adventurous place along the way, if I can. Maybe that will turn out to be my goal.


I must, with every breath, help the universe become aware of the fact that it has become aware.
I'm a bit of universe bewildered by the fact that a bit of universe can feel bewilderment at all.

too much ugly

if you wanted silence, you shouldn't have said anything.


I don't have an ultimate goal, or else I don't know what it is. I'm still running on the framework that oblivion is normal and all else is a lark. It's hard enough to keep that attitude during adversity. But I do try to push in some directions and not others.

For my Great Work in particular, if I have one, I'm very wary of saying anything about it because that seems like that would just shut down openness to possibility, and because I know what a misidentification can lead to. If I had to guess right now, though, something about increasing diversity, imaginative saturation, and the ability to move from one state to another. There's a popular idea that existence is only a limitation of totality, in the way that color is only a scattering of white light. If you follow this analogy too closely, you'd predict that, the greater the complexity, the less brilliant the experience. But things like, say, acid, provide a strong example of how the world can be both brighter, so to speak, and more complex, although the Colors are never quite as eye-splitting as the BlackWhite which includes them. Also, although there is limitation, there's a great deal of flexibility between one set of limitations and the next, providing for endless mutation.

So I want to make life more like acid.

You have no idea how many Jesuses I are.


I think for me it really is as simple as self-improvement. I really cannot change the situation I am in without just doing something about it msself. One can travel throughout hyperspace, make it to all corners of the universe...but when you come back here...there's still things which much be dealt with.'s about me. Who else could it be about? So I've gotta get my shit in gear, improve and change my life for the better.

As below, so above.


To me, the Great Work is a process. The alchemical transmutation, synthesis, and temperance of the Self is the continuing process of the Great Work.

I seek to be the most authentic version of my self as I can be in the constraints and limitations of each moment.

I do want to make it as an established music artist, if you want to know my long term plans.


I don't know if I have a Great Work or not, so I decided my own purpose: to get as adept as possible with Magick, and increase the world's acceptance of Magick.


Invent machines that produce holograms, help with the technology to create eternal life, make the world have less wars, make poor countries richer.

Ahavah Ain Soph

Ahavah Ain Soph. More or less, same as everyone else in a different way :P

When pondering the great work, it's a good idea to realize that anything that you can do is you, and therefore part of your "Purpose", you know, seeing as that you can't violate it You can't do something that "You" wouldn't do. When looking around, remember that the organizational system which can accommodate the most information is the simplest and most inclusive.

That said, I have a variety of projects to further the aim.


I seem to move towards artificial intelligence and making it my life's work... not sure yet. It seems to be the most important thing if we develop it the right way.

Ren Kotodama

I want to write novels that create a new spiritual philosophy, kind of like Hubbard or Runyon without the ego or crazy.