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Started by Ba en Aset, December 06, 2016, 08:22:51 PM

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Ba en Aset


Got here by accident, at first I wanted to stay silent until I check the forum some more but I had a dream about spider and the spider woke me up. Eventually I ended up being mad (MY SLEEP TIME) and decided to say hello. Don't try to find logical connection, really.

I'm Bast, goddess of joy, purrs, sex and, of course, Love. I'm in love with Ra and 've been practicing ceremonial magick for awhile until my brain got smashed. Now I'm kind of reseted (this word sounds awful) and searching for something new.

I'm a nice girl that believes in anarchy & destruction, for only hardest experiences can make humans evolve. Plus, they pretty much sc*ew everything up so I think every thing that human hand has created should be crushed down.
I also love V from "V for Vendetta". He's the boss.
Besides, this site looks just f--ing gorgeous. Love the logo.

Now I come back to sleep.

Ps. Forgive me any errs, English isn't my mother language.


Welcome to have you. We all have our minds buggered now and again. Part of life I expect. Thanks for the intro, glad you decided to post.