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Started by Sherman I. Sherwood, March 24, 2016, 07:43:01 PM

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Sherman I. Sherwood

Greetings all...
Sherman I. Sherwood .KSC(Keeper of the Spun Chao) here.
Thankfully I seem to be not too bad at hacking my own old accounts.
I have been registered for a while now, although haven't spent much time in the forum yet.
I was reminded about the site after the DKMU facebook group caught my eye today.
I have submitted art links to the administration for consideration today as well.
I'm kinda a humble(at first), yet artistic minded transient Discordian pope.
Just dropping in to say "HI GUISE!!HI!!" & let everyone know that I am here....& there...mayhaps over there too. Hail Eris!

Sherman I. Sherwood

Seems that image posting is going to be complicated for my images(mayhaps they're simply too large for the forum). I sure hope linking works better than attachments do....

Frater Hoop

Hail Eruz

Sherman I. Sherwood

& her whut done it all...
Not too sure how everyone has avatars in this forum. I've been trying for the last 20 mins to upload or link on, with zilch luck  :-\


Hey man, welcome. And yeahhhhhhhh the forums are complicated. Working on that. Lemme see what I can find out about avatars, I remember having problems in the past. I have a lot of issues with the sizes of my files too, so lemme see what I can find out. Comment on this in a bit so I remember to add it to my list.



Ya ho!

Never can have too many media magicians around these parts.

First time I tried to upload an avatar it seemed to fail...doesn't list any requirements, but I was able to the second time with a 256x256 png, ymmv.



try with a ridiculously small square jpg