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Hello everyone!

Started by Nes, December 16, 2016, 12:15:36 PM

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I've been here already for a little bit, and realized I haven't made a formal introduction. I've been very interested in the DKMU and the godforms for a while now. But, I deal mostly with the Draconian and Chaosgnostic currents, so the DKMU godforms aren't my main patrons. but there's definitely room on my altar for them. I've seen that there is a common goal between the different Chaosgnostic currents and the DKMU, even though most groups tend to disagree on certain points and ideas. The destruction of the veil or physical universe is a constant in all Chaosgnostic traditions. I'd love to see these traditions work together more. I look forward to getting to know more of you all!


Hey there! Most of the action seems to be happening in the facebook group nowadays, but you'll see some activity trickle through here from time to time. Always good to see new people showing up though, this forum could use some more activity.