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August 2017 solar eclipse

Started by Ringtail, December 13, 2016, 10:11:59 AM

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On the night of July 23rd, when the moon was new and both it and the sun had moved into Leo, Alice and Ahavah and I called whatever is draconic in us and spoke the following into a dedicated fire:

1. Nildovah Bo (The void dragon flies)
2. Leinselo motaad, leinsezaamhus motaad (The world of lies shudders, world of slavery shudders)
3. Nau sul se grind, vomindok dovah du shul (On the day of meeting, the unknowable dragon devours the sun)
4. Voth Aelie, Krein viin do zeim (Through Aelie, the sun of magic shines from beyond)
5. Shaan riiselaas Kundalini alok (Inspire essense of life Kundalini arise)
6. KoraavseTiamat, miiraaksehahnu bex (The vision of Tiamat, portal of dreams opens)
7. Motangesav, vithrath zoor meyz gol (Motangesav, serpentriver legend become earth)
8. Jul mindoraan, pogaan sunvarreselah vokrii staadnau rovaan (Mankind understanding, many monsters of magic revived unbound wander)
9. Daalsediiv, daalselah (return of Dragon, return of magic)
10. Fah nau daar sik, mu aav leinne (For upon this mark, we unite the worlds)


A voice recording of the ritual exists which I hope captured more of what was spoken in liminal space. I haven't listened to it yet. It's about an hour and a half. Some dudes around a campfire next to ours must have had an interesting night.

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So I've been working on a concept for an "uberservitor" lately that could potentially achieve egregore-like strength while maintaining a degree of control over the entity. Specifically, I am using a Chaos Dragon god from the D&D universe, Hlal, as a template due to her concentration of my desired traits. That template is then fine tuned to execute multiple functions with high efficiency through invocation. I plan to envoke the uber-Hlal during the upcoming eclipse.

Here's the formulaics I have worked up thus far:

(Pre-Uberservitor)+(evocation)(feed specialized servitor)^x=Uberservitor

X can be defined as the number of evoke/feed instances required for the uberservitor to possess the desired attributes, abilities, personality traits, etc.

Thoughts, comments?
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Izumi "Darkwave" Izayoi


The moon has been really red around here lately again. That's normal though right? Still, it really sets the moon.
Tiamat and Leviathan have called to me for a long time, and the Draco constellation has been drawing my eye lately.
I am finally starting to realize the solar and lunar energies building in me.

ησт נυѕт α 𝔡𝔯𝔞𝔤𝔬𝔫,
вυт σηє ωιтн



Izumi, what part of the country are you in? There's a big fire near here and the haze has been turning the sun and moon vivid red when they're near the horizon.

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Update: After a successful full moon working last week, (so it appears, based on increased reports of flying humanoids and vanishing joggers), we hit the streets again near the University of Washington, this time going down about three city blocks leaving many chalked messages and scattering plastic snakes. We garnered some attention on the crowded street, mostly positive, with one person asking if this was a cult (of course it is). We shared the chalk with some street kids  At the end we drew a large dragon in multiple colors which you can see here/here. Sorry the photo is at an angle. I dusted its length with red glitter for the hoodoo foot powder effect. Then we bummed around for a while at a gaming cafe, and that evening threw an uncooked chicken into the sea as an offering for the sea serpents. This they appreciated, but made it clear they were still hungry. One bird is hardly enough to feed an army of dragons. I may have to go back.

You have no idea how many Jesuses I are.


I made a thing today during the eclipse.

Above is the base sigil of this dragon, which is called Wingsblood (so named because the remaining letters of the statement of intent conveniently spelled it out, and also because it sounds fairly cool). Wingsblood's purpose is simple: it zeroes in on places where the veil between worlds is thin...where consensus reality has begun to break down.  Wingsblood exists to further the Assault on Reality and to usher in a new Age of Wonders.  Specifically, Wingsblood works to pick up the rubble of the old reality and facilitate the construction of the new.  When it finds an appropriate area, it uses the Linking Sigil to further thin the veil and to widen the holes that already exist and make them permanent via Aelie.  When finished with an area, it leaves a functioning Witch Engine to continue filtering the stuff leaking into this world. 
Wingsblood has very specific programming; it does not simply work to create a new reality for Humanity infused with magick.  That new reality is one based upon universal love, honorable and benign intent, and the goal of bringing us all closer to the next level of spiritual evolution. Joy, Wonder, and Magick are Wingsblood's watchwords.  Wingsblood has a built-in filter to convert any negative or neutral energies into that which is in line with its mission.  In short, neither the mission nor the spirit in which it is executed can be altered.  It is self-sustaining, and as the consensus reality further makes way for the Age of Wonders, it will increase in power, able to affect larger and larger areas.  When you summon Wingsblood, it spins off an exact copy of itself, ready for instructions from you.  Like Fotamecus, it is viral in nature and will eventually become a network that is self-coordinating.  In fact, it would be interesting to see what could be achieved by having Wingsblood and Fotamecus work together.
To summon a copy of Wingsblood, use the sigil below: