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Physical manifestations.

Started by Vortex7, December 30, 2016, 11:39:54 AM

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On the subject of causing spirits/elementals to manifest in a material sense. Several writings have been made about people being able to do it. How did they do it?

For instance the story of Austin Spare conjuring an elemental to appear and causing people to freak out one person dying within a week another losing their mind.

Let's assume for the sake of argument this is true.

What are the methods, in totality, to compel a physical manifestation?


I don't know a lot about physical manifestations, but I'd figure you'd need a lot of energy, and a lot of mental training too manifest a consciousness as well. I could also have absolutely no idea on how it works, but I'd start looking at something that manifests any kinda of physical material first. Slowly move up from there.


If you came to the internet to learn that, you're gonna have a bad time. The level of either natural aptitude and/or training necessary is not something you can just slap into a book or a thread or whatever and call it good, any more than you can read a book on driving a car when you're 12 and just go drive on a busy fast-paced highway.
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