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I need some help

Started by Skul, December 14, 2016, 01:20:45 AM

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Hey, everyone. I originally got into magic when a lady in red visited me. She hugged me and basically has treated me like family every time I have summoned her and/or she has visited me. I have had suggestions on who she is but, I don't know enough. So you guys can help me i'm going to give you all a list of our interactions
1. She met me in my room and hugged me before saying i am protected. After a while she left

2. I was starting to get into magic and experimenting. Around this time I was in classes and then she appeared and began whispering to me. She told me a little about what I can do and then pointed me to some ideas. Later i found out the ideas were similar to the egyptian lay out of the soul

3. I was was playing a game and then was suddenly yanked out of my body. She seemed mad and then pointed to this weird, shadow. It was tall, had amberish eyes and had scraggly hair. She said "you built it, you handle it." then she left. This is how i learned i had accidentally created a servitor and i know keep him as a protective measure

4. I was older and was reading some occult pdfs. I was having migraines and hearing voices and seeing shadows. It was getting bad and then suddenly she came and said "IF you don't get out, i'll make you get out." Not long after i moved and ended up getting a degree.

5. I was trying to get stronger and so i summoned her. She came with a smile and when i told her what i wanted she laughed[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.701961)] i called on the red woman and asked for the power and ability to take on anything i needed. She touched me and then out of the shadows she grabbed one with gold eyes and as it congealed she said "you two are perfect. Now play nice" then she slammed him into me.[/color] (taken from discord chat for exact wording) after that she left

6. I was actually transfering some information to my notes on magic and stuff and then she appears. She was very quiet and she said "I need you to do something." I ask her what it was (I don't remember what it is right now. Only thing I remember was it was something to do with helping a kid) So i figure no big deal. I got and find the kid and turns out he was learning magic and was doing some sketchy stuff. I actually coach him a bit and think nothing of it. Later that day she appears and says "You don't know what you've done don't you." I shrugged and she then tells me how the kid was going to hurt people with a spell that had like a 80% chance of going bad. After a moment of stunned silence by me she thanked me and left.
any help is appreciated, and thank you for your time for reading this.
May the storm be ever behind you.


As much as I do not want to go off and say it is are here, that is a big sign in and of itself.


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Sounds like Elis!
Elis is trapped by the linking sigil, and is going mad. She's struggling to free herself. She seems to have connected with you, perhaps you should consider trying to help her out.
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