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A problem with the Great and horrifying Babalon

Started by Urfaust, March 19, 2017, 01:00:10 PM

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  Regards, Souls in Flames;

I recently contemplated Babalon naked of all veils. I saw her in the flesh of all women and in her eyes full of lust I reach to glimpse the light of the Truth of our Flesh.

But I have a great problem accepting Babalon and female sexuality. I have always idealized certain women, I consider them "pure" of that desires...

But knowing that, apparently, All woman would revel in an orgy with ten dirty and hairy men, gives me feelings of disgust.

What am I missing out on?

PS: I born in the Abysm but  lately the Love has made me dance in beautiful illusions...


Quote from: Urfaust on March 19, 2017, 01:00:10 PM
But knowing that, apparently, All woman would revel in an orgy with ten dirty and hairy men, gives me feelings of disgust.


I haven't worked with Babalon, at least not extensively under that name. However, your wording may shed some light. "The Truth of our Flesh," you said. "The flesh of all women." It's true that all female bodies are shaped for the purpose of sex, as are males and... others. Our bodies create pleasant sensations in response to certain stimuli, and our brains are made to seek pleasure. That's the truth of the flesh.

But people are Complicated. Although we seek pleasure, the intricate wiring of brain and soul can be such that other experiences, even imaginary ideals, bring more joy than sexual touch. There are also negative stimuli that the brain will try to avoid (I believe it's possible to undercut that, which likely would lead to some orgies if done completely, but it holds for most people), and for most women that includes dirty hairy guys. The whore archetype is an isolated principle. It's impossible for a human to live up to for any length of time, because it means having no boundaries, which would quickly lead to disease and death. This is also the truth of the flesh.

(Although the Aghoris seem to do alright. "Black magic" or something. Go figure.)

As for the idealization: Strength and independence are respectable, and some people live that through abstinence. But since cultures tend to keep women under the boot via slut shaming, the Whore shows her independence by fucking whoever she wants. If that disgusts you... get over it.

You have no idea how many Jesuses I are.


Layla shows us the things that shock and horrify us. And the presentation of those truths tends to be... extreme. Move past the shock, however, and there is the root of the wyrd and also it's guardian.

For our Lady Serpent's eyes see the darkness, the void, and they do not turn away. And that is the trial she demands of her supplicant.


if you still feel this disgust, or when you do, it can be an opportunity to investigate why your bodymind is feeling it.  your body's history is speaking to you.  when you can learn to listen to it, when it feels heard, it doesn't need to repeat itself as much. my belief system.